7 Things you should know about Niveditha Gowda, the Kanglish contestant of BBK5

niveditha gowda personal life

Season 5 of Big Boss Kannada took a flying start on 15th October. All the curiosity that was on hold about the contestants entering the house has finally seen its edge. In total, 17 contestants entered the Big Boss house and this time, commoners have also joined the party. Among all, one contestant who caught everyone’s attention for all the good and bad reasons was Niveditha Gowda. A cute little college going girl when appeared on the grand stage of Big Boss, it was an awe-struck moment for everyone. The way she spoke and the style she carried was completely a bizarre action. It was so unusual and idiosyncratic that she became food for Troll pages and gained an accelerated popularity on social media. Well, let us know more about this Dubstar in today’s read.

Niveditha comes from the city of palaces, Mysuru

You should believe that Niveditha Gowda alias Niveditha Gaawda is a Mysorean. Looking at her dreadful Kannada, it is hard to accept that Niveditha is from Mysuru but there is a reason for it. One fact that is haunting all the Mysoreans and Gowda communities of Karnataka is that Niveditha comes from a Gowda Family. Oh No!

Niveditha Gowda

She is the Youngest Contestant in the history of BBK5

Niveditha is just 18 years old who is born and brought up in Mysuru. She is a college going girl and is pursuing BCA in Mahajan First Grade college, Mysuru. The girl is the youngest to participate in Big Boss show and it is the first time in the history of BBK5.

niveditha gowda personal life

Family of Niveditha

Niveditha comes from a well-settled family. Her father is working in Baba Atomic Research Center and mother is a housewife. Niveditha is blessed with a younger brother who feels that he can live happily as his sister will not be there in the house for few days.

Niveditha Gowda

Niveditha Gowda is a Master of None

A fashion freak girl does nothing in her home. It is said that she has not cooked, and have not indulged in any of the household activities. However, Niveditha is confident that she will learn everything in Big Boss home and actively participate in all the tasks.

Big boss kannada

Kanglish Girl

Niveditha Gowda’s accent of speaking Kannada is unusual despite coming from a Mysuru Gowda family. Answering about this, Niveditha’s mother said, “My daughter studied in Atomic Central Energic School and she had no opportunity to learn Kannada there. We speak Kannada at home and have tried to teach her the language. Now, it has become a cocktail of English and Kannada for her.”

Niveditha Gowda

She is a Popular Dubstar

Niveditha Gowda is pretty popular on Social media through her Dubsmash videos. Dubsmash being her favorite pass time, the lady has dubsmashed a lot of Kannada movie scenes including Sudeep’s Kempegowda, Veera Madakari, and Bachchan.

Niveditha left her Exams for Big Boss

Niveditha has left her Semester exams and has decided to take her exams in the next semester. It is said that her parents and principal have happily agreed to it. There was a hoax that one of the popular Dubsmash artists will come to Big Boss and today, it has come true through Niveditha Gowda.

niveditha gowda personal life

These were a few things about Niveditha Gowda. Do you think that she will stay for 100 days in the house? What do you think about BBK5? Please share with us in the comments below.

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  1. She’s a lovely and charming girl. Her Kanglish isn’t pretentious and not something she’s using to grab the limelight. She seems like a sweet, amiable, intelligent girl who’s doing her best to fit in among her fellow bigg boss house inmates. She’s doing so without actually giving up who she really is. We Mysoreans ought to be proud of her and I really really hope and pray she lasts in the bigg boss house till the very end of the show. Oh and btw she’s got the most beautiful hair❤️❤️❤️


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