6 times Kiccha Sudeep in Big Boss proved that he is a true Big B of the Show

Kiccha Sudeep in Big Boss

Kiccha Sudeep, a name that enthralls the audience with the very presence. The aura of this multilingual actor is so motivating that everyone who passes through gets magnetized by it. Sudeep is a perfect synonym for positivity and we can’t agree more on it. The way he handles the situations and reacts to the allegations made against is a lesson for many. Sudeep is known for his simplicity and in his every move, he has proved that he is a true gentleman of the Kannada Film Industry. This nature of him is also reflected in Big Boss and today it is hard to imagine this reality show without Sudeep being a part of it. Let us recall those moments of Kiccha Sudeep in Big boss where he echoed that he is the true Big B of the show.

6 Moments of Kiccha Sudeep in Big Boss

Sudeep as a host of the show clears the cloud about leaked video

Of late, a leaked video of last seasons’ Boss Kannada went viral on Social media. The video exposed a scene of show’s head Parameshwar Gundkal giving instructions to Malvika in the secret room. Sudeep just being a host of the show has nothing to do with this issue and there was no need for him to justify the leaked video. However, the actor held the responsibility of being a host of the show and tried to clear the air and all the gossips in his own signature style.

He said, “It’s all perspectives. The world is not as cruel as we see. I know both Prameshwar Gundkal and Malavika for a very long time; they both are living together happily with their family. We know it is the handiwork of the inside people. Since the video has been leaked during the time Bigg Boss season 5 is set to go on air, it will show whether people still like the show or not.”

This is an instance to prove that Sudeep is a leader who leads from the front.

Kiccha Sudeep in Big Boss

Sudeep Shot 15 hours continuously for Season 3 of Big Boss

We all know his dedication towards cinema and in the last two decades, the actor has shown his excellence in all the movies he was a part of. Being a host of one of the popular reality shows of Kannada, Sudeep has never fallen flat to impress the audience who follows the show. He has successfully managed his movie dates and the Big Boss show like a master.

If Big Boss is a hit in Kannada then Sudeep is easily the reason behind

It is so true and everyone will agree that Sudeep is the true hero of the show. The way he presents himself on the stage and the way he handles the messy situations in the show is truly phenomenal. He is a man of wise words and in every episode of Bigboss, it reflects.

When taking care of the relatives of the contestants in front of an audience, his affectability and order were noticeable. At the point when Chandrika’s child talked so straightforwardly about his mom, everybody was dumbstruck and anybody would have bumbled for a response. In any case, Sudeep took care of the sensitive circumstance liberally. Later when Nikitha’s mom went ahead of the show, she said she watched the show for Sudeep.

Kiccha Sudeep in Big Boss

Huccha Venkat’s exit from Big Boss

Huccha Venkat’s maniac moved the audience to different kind of emotions. That season’s episodes were in talks for so many days and the acts of Huccha Venkat was trolled in every possible way in the media. When it was time for the exit of Mr. Venkat from the show, it was a tough task for the host to handle the bearings. However, Sudeep kept his cool and eased the things before it got too controversial to handle.

Kiccha Sudeep in Big Boss

Sudeep in Season 1 of Big Boss

In the first season of Big Boss, it is reported that during the last 3 months of the show, the TRPs peaked during the episodes in which Sudeep made an appearance.

The shooting was in Pune and the actor had to fly every weekend to shoot for his portions of the show. It was a time when he used to stretch 6-8 hours for the show. As it is a reality show, Sudeep has to react spontaneously and dialogues were hardly rehearsed.

Kiccha Sudeep in Big Boss

Kiccha turns Chef for the Show

It is a feast to watch Kiccha on the stage of Big Boss and in every sense, he makes sure that the show is always on its best end. To mark the 50th episode of Big Boss Season 4, Sudeep became a chef and showed his versatility on the stage. If you remember, the menu included Veg biriyani, Chicken biriyani, Mangalore cuisine, Cheese egg, and Marble cake. Every single item on the menu was prepared on air by Kiccha.

Kiccha Sudeep in Big Boss

Sudeep in Big Boss promos

The stylish actor of India looked dashing and classy in every promo of BB. He is a master of presentation and it is once again proved in the promo of BB5.


These were a few moments of Kiccha Sudeep in Big Boss. The season 5 is going to be aired from 15 October and we can’t wait for more to see Kiccha on the stage. How excited are you about the show? Please share with us in the comments below.

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