Here is the List Of Final 18 Big Boss Kannada Season 6 Contestants

Big Boss Kannada Season 6

Big Boss is easily the highly watched reality show in India and its versions in the regional languages are also a super hit. The show has redefined the TRP of television media with the credit of having a record number of viewers. Now, the Bigg Boss Kannada Season 6 is in talks and all the eyes are there on the list of contestants participating in the show. It was kept secret all these days and today on the day of the grand opening of the show, Kiccha Sudeep has put an end to all the expectations. So, here is the list of Confirmed list of Big Boss Kannada Season 6 contestants.

Confirmed List of Big Boss Kannada Season 6 Contestants

Sonu Patil

A bold North Karnataka girl became the first contestant to enter the Big Boss house of season 6. She is from Bagalkot city and seems like a perfect contestant for Big Boss.



A foodie, talkative, and a hyper active person who as soon entered the house caught everyone’s attraction. He being a foodie staying inside the house with a limited food will be an interesting thing to watch in the season.


A noted TV actress, Jayasri started her career through a popular tv serial titled Mayamruga. Oflate, she wasn’t active in acting owing to her personal life. Now, she is back through Big-boss with all new aspirations and hopes. She said, “I want to know myself. We are here to fight. This is the place where I can know myself and so I am here.”

Big Boss Kannada Season 6


M K Rakesh is an RJ/MJ and an event host who is known to have hosted big events like Pro Kabbadi and ISL. A Rajasthan born but brought up in Bengaluru believes in discovering himself. He has also contested for corporation election, as a try to serve the society. A man with 350 girl friends says that he is ‘Naanu Kannadiga’ than to be called as ‘Non Kannadiga.’



Murali is known as the host of popular television cookery show ‘Oggarane Dabbe’. He is an anchor, foodie, a favorite of all housewives of Karnataka. It will be interesting to see as how well he adjusts with other participants in the house.

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Akshatha Pandavapura

A theatre artist and a wannabe film actress. She has acted in a movie called Pallata. Akshatha is active in theatre and holds a dream to build her own Rangamandira. Will she able to act well on the stage of Big Boss? Well, it is yet to be revealed soon.

Big Boss Kannada Season 6

Rakshitha Rai

A cricketer, the biggest Dhoni fan, Mangalore Hudugi; Rakshitha Rai is a cricket enthusiast. Its been 8-9 years, she is away from her family. With all the struggles she went through, Rai lives for her ambition and dreams.


Rapid Rashmi

Rashmi, also known as Rapid Rashmi is a celebrated Radio Jockey of Bengaluru FM. Today, she is a known-name in the city and now, it is time to face the entire Karnataka. Being a celebrity and after have interviewed so many celebrities in her career, Rashmi’s move in the house will play a lot of cards.

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Adam Pasha

A transgender dancer, enthusiast artist, and an award winning performer; Adam Pasha’s entry into Big Boss has proved that the house is open for every one. Regarded as Bengaluru’s first Drag Queen, it will be really interesting to know how people receive Adam as a part of the house.

Big Boss Kannada Season 6

A V Ravi

An award-winning body builder who have acted in films too. A V Ravi is the pride of Karnataka who train a lot of big names in KFI.


Big Boss Kannada Season 6

Shashi Kumar

Shashi has completed his degree in BSc agriculture and is now into full-time farming. He believes that through technology, there is a possibility of making agriculture a profession in the country. People like Shashi are truly an inspiration to today’s young generation.


An IT professional, dancing enthusiast, and a leader of her own; Reema is an out going urban girl who looked charming and positive on the stage.

Sneha Acharya

Sneha is a professional choreographer who has found her dreams come true in Mumbai. Otherwise, she is a hardcore Bengaluru girl. She is an actor who have acted in couple of movies before taking choreogrpahy as her profession.

Big Boss Kannada Season 6


Aanand, a BMTC conductor working in Bengaluru is another contestant of Big Boss Kannada season 6. A commonner who is seeing Big Boss as a platform to fulful his dreams, may be to make his life financially secure.


Naina Puttswamy

Naina is an adventurer, traveler, and an actor. A married girl who used to act in a TV-serial titled Chitte Hejje. She had also participated in a reality show titled Pyate Hudugi Halli Life, hosted by Kiccha Sudeep.

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The last and the 18th contestant of Big Boss Kannada Season 6, Dhanraj is an aspiring actor. He works as a Dubbing artist who is looking to make career in films and acting. Dhanraj has given voice to 100s of cartoon TV soaps and also to a character in the upcoming KGF movie. Besides, he is an incredible Mimicry artist too.

So, this was the final list of contestants of Big Boss Kannada Season 6. This time, you find no big celebrity participating in the show. It is all commoners and semi-celebrities. Let’s see how the show goes in the coming days.

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