40 Militant Groups Were Operating In Pakistan, Did Not Tell US The Truth For 15 Years : Imran Khan

Imran Khan has now revealed some of the shocking details to the world about the number of terror camps in his country’s soil. Pakistan Prime Minister has revealed that since 15 years from now, the previous government lied to the United States about the terror operating in its soil. He has said there are around 40 such terror camps in the country that has become a grave concern for the Pakistanis.

Imran Khan’s Big Reveal

The cricketer-turned-politician on Tuesday has reported that its previous government in the course of 15 years, did not tell the truth to the United States about 40 different terror groups operating in his country.


Representing the Capitol Hill reception hosted by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Chairperson of the Congressional Pakistan Caucus. Imran said, “We were fighting the US war on terror. Pakistan has nothing to do with 9/11. Al-Qaeda was in Afghanistan. There were no militant Taliban in Pakistan. But we joined the US war. Unfortunately, when things went wrong, where I blame my government, we did not tell the US exactly the truth on the ground.”

Khan also stated that previous governments were unstable and uncontrollable. Therefore it was important for him to meet Donald Trump and other higher US government officials, explaining the problems faced by common people like him in the country.

“There were 40 different militant groups operating within Pakistan. So Pakistan went through a period where people like us were worried about could we survive it. So while the US expected us to do more and help the US win the war, Pakistan at that time was fighting for its own existence,” he further said.


Imran wants Donald Trump’s help

Previously the United States had blocked an Aid of 300 million $, accusing Pakistan of taking no action against the terrorists operating in its country. However, Imran’s 3 days visit to Washington was seen as a key factor for growing relations between the two nations.

Imran said, that Pakistan is trying its best to get the Taliban on the table for possible dialogues. And it has so far been successful.

“So far we have done well. And we do not expect this to be easy, because it is a very complicated situation in Afghanistan. But rest assured, we would be trying our best. The whole country is standing behind me. The Pakistan Army, the security forces, all are behind me. We all have one objective and it is exactly the same objective as the US, which is to have a peaceful solution as quickly as possible in Afghanistan,” Khan said.