239 Scientists Say Coronavirus Can Spread Through Air, Asks WHO To Revise Guidelines

DR. Tedros

Over 100 scientists say that there is evidence of the novel coronavirus spreading in the air which can infect people. They have asked the World Health Organisation to revise their guidelines.

Earlier in the outbreak, the World Health Organisation had said that the virus spreads from person to person through small droplets of air either from nose or mouth which emerges when an infected person sneezes, coughs or speaks. It had also ruled out the possibility of the virus being spread through the air.


An open letter has been written to the World Health Organisation by 239 scientists from 32 countries who claim to have the evidence that proves that the novel coronavirus can through the air and can infect people. According to a report in the New York Times, whether the larger droplets or small droplets that might glide the length of the room, coronavirus is airborne and can infect people when inhaled.

Spain Coronavirus
Courtesy: Anadolu Agency

The World Health Organisation refused to comment initially but as per the report, it said that the evidence presented by the scientists is not convincing enough. Dr. Benedetta Allegranzi, the technical lead of infection prevention and control, said,

“Especially in the last couple of months, we have been stating several times that we consider airborne transmission as possible but certainly not supported by solid or even clear evidence.”

India Becomes Third Worst-Hit Country

India recorded over 20,000 cases for the third consecutive day as it overtook Russia which has reported 6,81,251 COVID cases. In terms of infections, India is ranked third in the world. In terms of death, India is ranked eighth in the world.


According to the site worldometer that has been compiling COVID-19 data from around the world, only, two countries are ahead of India in terms of infections – the United States and Brazil, both of whom have reported more than a million cases. Brazil has confirmed close 15,78,376 cases while the United States has reported 29,54,999 cases. With a record daily increase of 27,094 COVID cases and 676 deaths on Sunday, India’s coronavirus count has gone past 6,97,358 and the death tally has reached 19,963. India has become the third worst-hit country after the United States and Brazil.


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