10 “Prequels” That Must Happen ASAP In Sandalwood

prequel kannada

Sequels are the norm of the day, not alone in Sandalwood but everywhere else too. However, prequels are not popular amongst the filmmakers and the viewers too.

Maybe that is because it is easier to carry the story forward rather than delve more into the past of the characters and the sequences.


Nevertheless, a switch now and then is promising and exciting too. So, what do you think about the idea of prequels in Sandalwood? There are a couple of movies that have scope for this, and this article, we discuss them.

Eddelu Manjunatha – Manjunatha’s young days

Eddelu Manjunatha was one funny slice in the life of Manjunatha. Well, with so much entertainment from just one chapter, imagine the kind of riot if we could experience the youthful days or Mr. Manjunath.

eddelu manjunatha

Gaalipata – The Gang and the love stories

The most entertaining gang in KFI, although Gaalipata-2 is already happening, a story on how the friends meet and become close will be an entertaining watch.


Tagaru – The rise of Daali

Daali is an unforgettable character in Kannada Cinema. Sandalwood has hardly seen movies made with a negative character in the lead. Daali has all the ingredients to start the trend.


Ulidavaru Kandanthe – Richie?

Richie dies in the climax of Ulidavaru Kandanthe. There is a new movie called ‘Richie’, in which Rakshit Shetty plays the lead role. Could it be a prequel to UK? Hopefully so.

Thithi – More of Century Gowda Please!

Century Gowda dies at the start of Thithi. Although the entire movie is based on his ‘Thithi’, the first few minutes of Thithi, where Century Gowda dominates the screen-time, is highly entertaining. We definitely would want to watch more of this character in a movie.



Milana – Puneeth’s college love-story

There is a song and a few scenes which show Puneeth’s love-failure in college. The premise seemed interesting and maybe, it could form a nice narrative.


Kendasampige – Already in the works

It is already in the works but knowing Soori’s delay-tactics, we thought Kendasampige still finds a spot in this list.

Mufti – Byrathi Ranagal in his youth

There have been rumors of a full-fledged movie for Byrathi Ranagal. This character has all the sufficient arcs to satisfy most sections of the audience in Karnataka.



Kavaludaari – A Retro Neo-Noir

A character that was adored by the critics and the fans, Anant Nag’s investigation in the yesteryear will surely catch the eye of the audience. The idea of Retro neo-noirs is almost negligent in Sandalwood, and a prequel to Kavaludaari could be a nice idea.

Aa Dinagalu – The untold stories of B’luru Underworld

Aa Dinagalu was just a glimpse of Bengaluru Underworld, revealed chiefly from a couple’s perspective. There is absolutely ample scope for telling about the dreaded past of Bengaluru and hence, a prequel will be fitting for the KM Chaithanya directorial.