10 Kannada Heroes Who Are Just One Solid Hit Away From Joining The Top League

The dynamics have changed when it comes to the potential of an actor’s market in Sandalwood. Now, a couple of consistent hits or even one solid industry hit can guarantee an actor a place in the big league.

While an actor like Darshan arose to the pinnacle courtesy a series of hits, for someone like Ganesh, one big hit helped him to catapult all the way to the top bracket.


There are plenty of actors in Sandalwood who are in line to break open the gates of the big league to join actors like Yash, Sudeep, Puneeth Rajkumar, Darshan, and Rakshit Shetty. In this article, we chat about ten such actors in the enterprise.

Dhruva Sarja

It is surprising that despite having acted in just three movies so far, Dhruva already enjoys a massive fan following across the state. Hence, we feel that if he can obtain one more big blockbuster, the stars are going to align for him towards superstardom.


For the role that he essayed in Tagaru, Dhananjaya is already a household name in Karnataka. Speaking about his skills, the man is rated very highly. Now, if he can deliver a hit as a solo hero, Dhananjaya might as well begin the quest for a powerful prefix to his name.



Probably the best movie released last year, Rishi was one of the significant grounds for the success of Kavaludaari. The ‘Operation Alamelamma’ actor released a film last December, but if he can reproduce something on the lines of the Hemanth M Rao directorial, Rishi might as well enter into the top league in the subsequent months.

Darling Krishna

With Love Mocktail, people have finally realized the potential in the actor. Krishna is now also recognized beyond the state, and if he can make Love Mocktail 2 a bigger hit, it is guaranteed that Darling Krishna will register his name in the top bracket.


The care of ‘chocolate boy’ looks in Sandalwood, despite featuring in some crazy projects such as Gaalipata and Manasare, he has struggled to find footing in the industry. However, he has a following among ladies, and hence, if he can work towards a good film, the chips could find their way back to the board.


source: newsindiaexpres

Rishab Shetty

Although his filmography lists only one film as a solo hero, in Bell Bottom, many fell in love with Rishab Shetty’s charm and comic timing. He is a successful director as well, and all of it could take a big surge if he can deliver a big hit as a lead actor.

Vinay Rajkumar

The grandson of Dr. Rajkumar, Vinay Rajkumar, has gradually been accumulating quality projects in his filmography. In the pipeline too, the actor has a few interesting films. He has a good fanbase, and if he can strike gold with a commercial blockbuster, things could shift for the promising actor.

Abhishek Ambarish

Just like Vinay, Abhishek Ambarish also came into the industry with a solid fanbase. There are huge expectations from him, and if the project with Suri works out in a big way, we can expect the ‘Young Rebel Star’ to truly arrive in the biz.


Ninasam Sathish

Ninasam Sathish is a talented actor who has featured in quality projects like Lucia and Chambal. In recent months, the actor has been choosy while selecting the scripts, and he seems to be focusing on content-oriented subjects. He recently announced a film with Kahi director Aravind Sastry, and if all goes well, Sathish could give himself a push to join the big league.

Vasishta Simha

Vasishta Simha might not have sizzled in a successful solo project as yet, but if he does that in the coming months, courtesy his ‘khadak’ voice and intense looks, Vashishta can raise the stakes of himself as a reliable actor in Sandalwood.