Worked Like A “Slave” For Congress MLAs For 14 Months, Not Appreciated By Anyone: HD Kumarswamy

The Janata Dal (Secular) and Congress coalition government collapsed on 23rd July after trust vote went against their favor. Kumarswamy led government failed to prove their majority after 16 MLAs rebelled. Thereafter, it was Bharatiya Janatha Party’s BS Yediyurappa who proved his majority in the assembly was sworn-in as 25th Chief Minister of Karnataka on July 26.

It is almost 2 weeks from now and the JD(S) leader HD Kumaraswamy claimed to have worked as ‘slave’ for its alliance partner Congress for 14 but his work was not appreciated by anyone.


Former CM claims Congress never supported him

The former Chief Minister revealed that several Congress leaders did not want a collation government. Some local leaders were not interested. Congress with an unassertive and half-hearted manner wanted to join hands with JD(S) and wanted to form the government.

“After the fractured verdict in our state, the Congress leadership wholeheartedly wanted to join hands with JD(S) and they wanted to form the government. But some local leaders were not interested according to my sources,” Kumaraswamy said.

Kumaraswamy also revealed that his party leaders were also displeased after joining hands with the Congress to form the government. “Even some of my party leaders were not happy, but I formed the government with the help of Congress. They were not happy with the system. They knew how will they going to backstab us.” he said.


Fulfilled all request for partner MLAs

He further revealed that his government had administered more money for the constituencies of Congress MLAs than those of his party. “Even when MLAs used to come without taking an appointment, I met them. Whatever requests they had for the development of their constituencies, I took decisions on them immediately,” he said.

“What the previous Congress government couldn’t achieve, I did in 14 months. I have allocated more than Rs 19,000 crore in 14 months to constituencies of Congress MLAs,” the JD(S) leader said. For 14 months tenure, the former CM claimed to have worked like a ‘slave’ but still, his work was not appreciated by the Congress.

“I had given full freedom to all the MLAs, and to even corporation chairman, why they are blaming me I don’t know.”


“For the last 14 months, I worked like a slave for these MLAs and for our coalition partner (Congress). Why they are blaming me? I don’t know,” he added.

No further coalition with Congress

After claiming to have satisfied all the requests of Congress MLAs, Kumarswamy felt he was not respected by his coalition party members. “From day one, the way a section of the Congress leaders behaved and reacted in the public, everybody knows it,” he said.

“I am the happiest person now after vacating the office as a chief minister. For 14 months, I worked for the development of the state, there is a little pain in my heart because nobody appreciated my work,” Kumaraswamy said.


Kumaraswamy further said that his party is not interested in forming any further tie-ups with Congress in the future. “Majority of the workers are not interested in the coalition. But the Congress high command even now is very much cooperative with us. Let us see what is going to happen in the future,” he concluded.

Report: ANI