Will Vikrant Rona Surpass Rs 1000 Crore Mark? Kiccha Sudeep’s Answer Is Winning Internet

Kiccha Sudeep, in a media interaction, spoke about his film and if Vikrant Rona will be able to surpass the Rs 1000 crore mark just like Yash starrer KGF Chapter 2. His answer is winning the internet.

Sudeep’s reaction to a journalist

Kichcha Sudeep is gearing up for the release of his upcoming film, Vikrant Rona, which is scheduled to release in theatres on July 28. Today (June 23), the actor was in Mumbai for the trailer launch event. The trailer of Vikrant Rona will be released in multiple languages at 5.02 pm.


At the Mumbai event, Sudeep was asked whether his film will collect Rs 1000 crore and more just like Yash starrer KGF Chapter 2.

To this Kiccha Sudeep, gives a very sensible reply. He said, “I have seen a happy man with a paycheck of just Rs 1 lakh and I have also seen a man like Ambani earning more and also remain equally happy. So if you think this 1000 crore can make a person happy, then for me, I will  raise the standards beyond 2000 crore then.”

“But if success is what gonna make me happy then you asking me this question is already making me the successful man,” Sudeep answers, and the place encounters a thunderous applauding.


Vikrant Rona is a big film

Kiccha Sudeep further explains why his movie will be big and viewers will have a different experience. “This is a big film because we started big and we had a bigger idea and a bigger thought. This is exactly how we wanted to present it. If we are looking forward to bigger results, then I think this is the best approach we should take in order to achieve the purpose we want to.”

“If we go to a five-star restaurant we expect to get bigger services and a bigger platter, right?” The actor further said that if the makers themselves are doubtful about whether their own film is a bigger one or not, then it would badly affect the film. Later the actor concluded by saying that he wanted to gain a wider audience for ‘Vikrant Rona’ and releasing it in multiple languages seemed like a good option to attain it,” he adds.

Directed by Anup Bhandari, ‘Vikrant Rona’ is touted as a fantasy-action adventure film and the script is written by the director himself. William David handles the cinematography of the film and the editing section by Ashik Kusugolli. B Ajaneesh Loknath is in charge of the music department of ‘Vikrant Rona’.


Apart from Kiccha Sudeep, ‘Vikrant Rona’ also has the actors Jacqueline Fernandez, Neetha Ashok, Ravishankar Gowda, and Vasuki Vaibhav in important roles.

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