Will Shakib Al-Hasan’s Absence Affect The Quality Of BPL?

source: stakebd

Shakib Al Hassan is the biggest name to ever emerge out of Bangladesh Cricket, the talented all-rounder was a classical left-handed batsman and was dangerous as a slow left-arm orthodox bowler.

Shakib made his debut back in 2006 and went on to represent and captain Bangladesh in all 3 formats. Shakib’s impact on the Bangladeshi team can be seen by his performance in this year’s World Cup as Shakib was easily the best Bangladeshi batsman and bowler. Shakib is also a wonderful T20 player and has played in leagues all over the world, making a name for himself wherever he goes.


The recent controversy around Bangladesh Cricket and the ban on Shakib Al Hasan will have a deep impact on not just the Bangladeshi Cricket team but on Bangladesh Cricket. And as per BPL Schedule, the tournament is set to start from the 11th of December 2020 and Shakib’s absence in the tournament would certainly affect the tournament.

Shakib Al Hasan is not just any player, his ban would impact the tournament in several ways, most importantly his absence would surely mean decrease in quality of the game being played, Bangladesh as a nation loves its cricket and has started to rather well in recent times. Bangladesh competes with the big guns of World Cricket and gives them a tough fight and during this change in Bangladeshi, Cricket Shakib was at the forefront of it.

Shakib does not only bring his skill set to match but he is also someone who encourages and urges youngsters around him to compete at the highest level. BPL Points Table of last year shows exactly that, Shakib Al Hasan’s involvement in the tournament also means more fans will show up and with that more money and that will lead to better players coming and playing in the BPL which would thus increase the quality of the game. Shakib is a well known and well-respected player around the globe many foreign players would love to take part in the BPL to compete against Shakib Al Hasan and his team. Shakib Al Hasan’s T20 record is a testament to his ability, He has more than 1500 runs and has taken more than 90 wickets in the 76 matches he has represented Bangladesh, also his performances in the IPL prove how good a player he just is.


Shakib had joined the Rangpur riders for this season and would have been a great addition to the squad. Shakib Al Hasan’s absence may affect the quality of the BPL and would certainly be a loss to the tournament, according to the Bangladeshi Cricket Board the Bangladesh Premier League is where they will spot new Bangladeshi Cricketers and would help them get ready for the International stage, However Bangladesh Crickets biggest star doesn’t agree with the approach as he thinks BPL is not the place to make a player.

Shakib Al Hasan will certainly be missed during BPL 2019, and his absence would certainly mean a slight decrease in the quality of the cricket played, but as there are many great players playing in the tournament there should be no shortage of entertaining cricket for the fans.