Kudos Neighbor: Bangladesh Finally Defeats India In An Epic Match, Twitter Trends Bangladesh Defeated India

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Bangladesh defeated India? Twitter is trending a match that no one might of thought would be possible. India vs Bangladesh always ends with a nail-biting match, but conclusively India seldom losses. But this time the neighbor has finally defeated their all-time rival.

India vs Bangladesh 

When it comes to India vs Bangladesh we remember the epic clash on 23 March 2016, where India defeated the Bengal tiger by just one run, thanks to MS Dhoni’s quick reaction behind the stumps. 2018 Nidahas Trophy, Dinesh Karthik hit a last-ball six over the deep extra cover remains fresh in the minds of Indian fans. However, this time it is Bangladesh who takes the last laugh. They finally defeated their all-time rivals.

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Star Sports network shared a clip-on 17th that showed a glimpse of the match that took place in an unknown place. A fair and square defeat has left the Indian fans shellshock for an unspecified match. Believe me or not, Bangladesh defeated India in a local folk game called Chidiya Udd (Does it Fly?). Mocking Bangladesh in an epic way Indian sports channels Star Sports unveiled an ad for the upcoming T20 series of India against the Bengal Tigers.

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Bangladesh defeated India

In this short video, Virendra Sehwag is seen representing India and a caricature white ball (which actually can speak) is seen representing Bangladesh. Both begin the local Indian folk game and finally, the cartoon ball wins. Here is the video.

Call it sarcasm or derision, Indian fans are loving it.




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