All Bangladeshis Living In Bengal Are Indian Citizens: Mamata Banerjee

source: indiatoday

On Citizen Ship law, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee declared that all those who are living in West Bengal from Bangladesh and voted in elections are citizens of India and they don’t have to practice newly for citizenship.

Mamata Banerjee on immigrants

Mamata Banerjee at a rally at Kaliaganj in the Uttar Dinajpur district on Tuesday said that Bangladeshi people in West Bengal needed no certificate to prove to be Indians as they have been casting votes in elections.


“Those who have come to India from Bangladesh are all Indian citizens, they have citizenship. Where is the need to give new citizenship? They have been voting in one election after another… electing Prime Ministers and Chief Ministers and then it is said they are not citizens…no need to believe them,” she said.

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None will leave Bengal 

Saying that there is no need for immigrants to apply for citizenship again, she said she will not allow even one person to be forced out of Bengal.

“None of the refugees living in the State will lose their citizenship,” she said.


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The Trinamool Congress chief also criticized the Modi government for its administration of the communal riots in Delhi which has claimed 42 lives so far and affirmed she will not allow West Bengal to turn into another Delhi.

“I am sad about what happened in Delhi. So many people have been killed…I will never allow any repetition of the Delhi happenings in Bengal. One should not forget this is not Delhi but Bengal,” she said.