Why People Were Allowed In Red Fort? Rahul Gandhi Questions Amit Shah’s Objective

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday questioned the Union Home Ministry’s objective for “allowing” protesters into the Red Fort and let them create ruckus inside the monument. He also urged the Central government to repeal the controversial farm laws asserting it is the only way to end the ongoing farmers’ protests.

While speaking to media, Rahul Gandhi talked about the three farm laws saying, “The first law destroys the mandi system in the country. The second law allows unlimited storage of grains and other materials making it practically impossible for farmers to negotiate prices for their produce. The third law says farmers cannot go to court if they have any grievance.”


The Congress leader urged the Central government to talk to farmers and arrive at a solution. The only solution is to repeal the laws and put them in a wastebasket, he added.

“The government must not think that farmers will go home. My concern is that this situation will only spread but we don’t need that and hence, the govt should work to find a solution,” said Gandhi.

Before asking farmers to continue their protests against the farm laws, he assured that Congress is ready to support the farmers till the very end.


When asked about the Republic Day ruckus at the Red Fort, Rahul Gandhi trained guns at the Union Home Ministry and questioned Home Minister Amit Shah why were people allowed in the Red Fort.

“Why were people allowed in the Red Fort? Why weren’t they stopped? Ask the Home Minister what the objective was, of letting those people inside the premises,” said the Congress leader.

Meanwhile, protesting farmer unions have scrapped next week’s planned march on Parliament against new agricultural laws, after violent protests in New Delhi left one person dead and almost 400 police injured.


Source: Times Now