“The Lion is Back”; Amit Shah’s show-stopping moment at the Parliament

Home Minister Amit Shah got angry in Lok Sabha on Wednesday when TMC MP Saugata Roy repeatedly interrupted him during his speech on curbing the drug menace in India.

Shah was speaking about drug abuse

Union Home Minister Amit Shah engaged in a verbal spat with Trinamool Congress MP Saugata Roy in Lok Sabha. Amit Shah got irritated by TMC MP’s interruptions as he delivered a statement in the Parliament during the Winter Session on drug abuse in India.


As Shah tried to deliver his statement, Roy interrupted him. At this, Shah became furious and said that constantly interrupting him during the session did not suit a man of his age and seniority.The 58-year-old then took his seat and said: “Main baith jaata hoon aap bhaashan kariye dus minute. [You speak for 10 minutes and I shall sit…].”

Shah then goes on to tell Roy: “You should not interrupt every time. You must understand the gravity of the matter at hand.”

The humble response 

At this point, an opposition MP asked him: “Aap krodhit kyun hote hain? (Why do you get angry?).” To this, he said: “Krodhit nahi hota hu, samjhaata hu. Kabhi kabhi samjahaana padta hai bado ko bhi. [I don’t get angry, I explain. Sometimes seniors also need to be ascribed.]”


He then continued his speech, briefing Parliament about the steps taken by the government to prevent drug trafficking in the country. He said that the battle against drugs was delicately poised. He urged states to fight the menace together with the central government, keeping politics aside.

“Drug addicts must be treated as victims and we must ensure their rehabilitation,” the minister said.