Who Benefited, Who Was Held Accountable: Rahul Gandhi Questions Modi Govt On Pulwama Attack

1 year ago this day, 40 CPRF Jawans were martyred in a suicide bomb attack by JEM terrorists. While the horrible Pulwama attack incident still haunts every citizen in India, few political parties are making their own agendas regarding the incident. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has asked what was the result of the inquiry and who had benefitted from the attack.

Rahul Gandhi questions BJP

The Waynad MP Rahul Gandhi attacked the Narendra Modi-led government as he raised questions about who all were held accountable for security lapses that allowed the attack.


source: twitter

In a Tweet, Rahul Gandhi asked three questions to the BJP government.

“Today as we remember our 40 CRPF martyrs in the #PulwamaAttack, let us ask: Who benefitted the most from the attack? What is the outcome of the inquiry into the attack? Who in the BJP Govt has yet been held accountable for the security lapses that allowed the attack?” Rahul Gandhi asked on Twitter on Friday.

BJP’s reply 

Soon after the tweet, there was a huge political storm regarding Rahul Gandhi’s post. Hitting back at former Congress Chief, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra stated it was a dastardly comment on a dastardly attack.


“Who Benefitted the most? Mr. Gandhi, can you think beyond benefits? Of course not. This so-called “Gandhi” family can never think beyond benefits. Not just materialistically corrupt, their souls are also corrupt,” he tweeted.