Videos Show KK ‘Sweating Badly’ At Concert; Fans Blame Authorities, Say: ‘AC Wasn’t Working

Singer KK died after performing for an hour at Kolkata’s Nazrul Mancha on Tuesday. After the cause of his death appeared to be a heart attack, netizens blamed the concert authorities for ignoring the singer’s request for AC and laser lights focusing him.

Singer KK’s fans blame concert authorities

Singer KK’s fans have been sharing a video from his last concert in Kolkata on Tuesday. A few videos also show him sweating considerably on stage, wiping his face with a towel, and also complaining about the air conditioning at the venue.


KK sang at a concert organized by Gurudas College at Nazrul Mancha in south Kolkata for almost an hour in the evening. He was “feeling heavy” after reaching his hotel, and soon collapsed, officials said. He was taken to a nearby private hospital where doctors declared him brought dead, the report said. While the singer’s body has been sent for postmortem, doctors suggest that a heart attack could be the likely cause behind his death.

AC not working 

While KK looked ‘well’ during his last performance, many fans blamed the concert authorities for not ensuring proper air conditioning at the venue. “AC wasn’t working at Nazrul Mancha. he performed there and complained abt it bcoz he was sweating so wasn’t an open auditorium. watch it closely u can see the way he was sweating, closed auditorium, overcrowded, Legend had to go due to authority’s negligence. Not KK” wrote a fan and added a video with his tweet.

Another fan said, “A completely mismanaged event, where the legendary singer continuously asked for the ACs to be put on and dim the laser lights behind him. This is how you manage an event #Bengal ?? #TMC should be held answerable for this loss #KK #KKPassesAway”