What’s Happening In Sweden And Norway And How Is It Linked To Delhi Bengaluru Riots?

If you’re active on social media platforms, you might have come across posts about violent clashes in Sweden and Norway recently. Two incidents that took place in quick succession has let to an outpouring of comments, criticism and even fake news among many social media users in India.

And for some time, on Saturday and Sunday, it was the top trend on Twitter in India, even as it did not manage to occupy the same space in Sweden and Norway itself.


Courtesy: freepressjournal.com

But What Exactly Is Happening?

On Saturday, around 300 people had gathered in the Swedish city of Malmo on Saturday to protest the burning of a copy of the Quran a day earlier. The incident that had taken place near a predominantly migrant neighbourhood was reportedly carried out by a far-right Danish party called Stram Kurs and filmed and posted online. Hours earlier, the group’s leader had been denied permission to hold a meeting in Malmo about “Islamization in the Nordic countries”.

Less than a day later, neighbouring Norway saw protests with a similar theme. This was a clash between protesters and counter-protesters in the country’s capital, Oslo. As per a report by Deutsche Welle or DW, clashes broke out at the rally organised by the Stop Islamization of Norway (SIAN) group near the Parliament. Counter-protesters then arrived, banging drums and chanting that they did not want ‘racist” people around. Matters took a violent turn after one woman reportedly tore pages off the Quran and spat on it.

Why Is Indian Twitter Talking About This? What Is The Connection With The Delhi And Bengaluru Riots?

Many Twitter users have taken it upon themselves to compare the two incidents to the Delhi and Bengaluru riots from earlier this year. This has been echoed by many well-known individuals with verified accounts and thousands of followers.


They allege that the two protests had the “same pattern” as their international counterparts, and in the process, some have even shared fake news to make their point.

“The same pattern was seen in #DelhiRiots #bangaloreriots. They first offend you and when you retort they get super offended burndown and kill everyone who hasn’t offended anyone,” opined actor Kangana Ranaut.

“Big lesson for Indians who are against the CAA/NRC and want India to open their borders for all immigrants. Think again and react wisely,” tweeted BJP leader Gaurav Goel.


“First they burnt Delhi and Bengaluru. Then Sweden and now Norway. Which city/country next??” tweeted army veteran and BJP leader Major Surendra Poonia.