We’re talking about two innocent children: Kareena reacts to trolling over naming her second son ‘Jehangir’

Film stars and Bollywood celebrities are often the soft targets for many controversies in India. In Fact their privacy is a joke nowadays as twitterati continue prying on other people life and spreading rumours about them.A lots of undue attention is given to Actor Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s second son.Dragging a kids name unnecessarily fumed Kareena and she responded on such actions.

Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor Khan, who recently released her book Pregnancy Bible, welcomed her second baby ‘Jeh’ in February and while Kareena has managed to protect Jeh’s face from the cameras, the baby’s name has landed in controversy.


 What’s The Jehangir Controversy?

In the book which she published lately;rumours spurred that her son’s name is ‘Jehangir’ instead of Jeh Ali Khan which she later confirmed.’Jehangir’ the name arises as one of the ruthless Mughal kings and misquoting the fact people started trolling Kareena and Saif on twitter with hatred hashtags- #Jehangir, #saifalikhan,#Jehangir.Earlier it was Taimur Ali khan the name actually meant iron(Taimur) but his name was dragged in various occasions leading to seamless trolling.

kareena with her new book

Kareena’s Response To The Trolls

“You know I am a very, very positive person. I am very happy and content. I want to spread happiness and positivity in a time like Covid, I can’t think of trolls or any form of negativity.”

“Now there is no other way, I have to start meditating. Because aur koi chaara nahi raha na abhi (I have no other option). That’s just now because I am pushed against the wall so now I am like ‘OK, I will stay meditating’. There are two sides to a coin. So it’s okay. If there is positivity, there is negativity,” she added.


Talking about her upcoming projects kareena is set to portray lead role alongside Amir Khan in the film-“Laal Singh Chadha”.Recently she announced her inclination towards OTT platforms and is probably set to collaborate with Ekta kapoor to produce a film.The untitled film will be directed by Hansal Mehta which is inspired by a real-life incident and will be hitting the box office anytime soon.