‘We Might Have Made Mistakes But What Has The Opposition Done?’: Amit Shah On COVID-19 Crisis

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On Monday the union Home minister Amit Shah addressed virtual rally targeting the state of Orissa from the national capital New Delhi. In the rally, the Union Home Minister said that the government might have made some mistakes in handling the coronavirus crisis but its commitment cannot be questioned.

According to a report published in the Indian Express, the Union Home Minister said,


“There are some vile people in the opposition party. I want to question them today. As a government, we might have fallen short but a determination was strong. We might have made some mistakes but our intention was right. But what did you do? Some speak from Sweden and says that the Corona crisis should be fought in the country. Some others talk from the United States of America. But what have they done? I want to tell you all that the Narendra Modi led government has provided a package of 1,70,000 crore to 60 crore people. Now I will question you. What has the Congress party done?”

Amit Shah Took A Jibe At Rahul Gandhi

Speaking about the migrant crisis in the country the Home Minister priest the efforts of the state governments who have jointly e worked with the central government take care of the migrant workers during the crisis.

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The opposition party especially Congress have repeatedly criticized and slammed the Modi government of its handling of the novel coronavirus crisis and accused the government of neglecting the plight of the migrant workers during the nationwide lockdown.

The Home Minister also took a jibe at the former President of the Congress party Rahul Gandhi over his interactions with different personalities in regard to the issues concerning the novel coronavirus crisis in the country. The home minister said,


“You give an account to the people of the country of what you have done. I am here to give you an account. Modi government announced a package of rupees 1.7 lakh crore for close to 60 crores people as soon as the coronavirus pandemic broke out in the country.”

Source: Free Press Journal