VG Siddhartha Missing: Twitter Prays For His Safe Return And Blames The Government

The Cafe Coffee Day founder and former Karnataka CM SM Krishna’s Son in Law, VG Siddhartha has been reported to be missing on 29th July in Mangaluru. After he went missing, the police are going through a search operation upon his family’s request. However, it is speculated that he might have committed suicide as things were not going well for him.

An Entrepreneur who created 30,000 Jobs in India

Before he went missing he had written a letter (supposed to be written by him) to the Board of directors and its employees. He wrote that his intention was never to cheat or mislead anyone, for now, he has failed as an entrepreneur. And hope to forgive him someday.


Since this news went viral over social media, the internet users are praying the entrepreneur to be safe and fine. Twitter users are wishing the business baron to return home soon. Some even are blaming the government, as they have not taken any steps to support Entrepreneurs in the country.

Here are the Tweets