This Is Why Netizens Are Trending #RIPJosephVijay Even Though The Actor Is Alive

Southern actor Joseph Vijay is currently trending on social media, but for a bad reason. Despite being in good health, netizens are trending #RIPJosephVijay. Let’s see why such a trend is taking place while the actor is still alive.

Fans clash with each other 

South star Joseph Chandrasekhar Vijay, popularly known as Thalapathy, has made many great movies in Tamil Nadu. However, fake news of his death suddenly spread on Twitter like fire. Users started tweeting one after another with the hashtag #RIPJosephVijay. For some reason, photos of his demise were also shared.


When a superstar’s movie is released, there is a different craze among the fans. Fans of the two stars also started a war of words on social media. That’s why the news of Vijay’s demise became a trend on Twitter.

War of words

Particularly in South India, when a well-known superstar’s movie is released, there is a different craze among the fans. If two movies are released at the same time gap representing two popular faces in the industry, the fans go crazy and even fight for their respective actors.

Recently, after the release of RRR, Jr. NTR’s and Ram Charan fans celebrated the film and rejoiced the performance of the actors. However, some Thalapathy fans went verbal about the Telugu stars and compared the movie with Vijay’s upcoming film ‘Beast’.


In response, a war broke out on social media between fans, and Twitterati started trending with the hashtag #RipJosephVijay.

It seems those trending #RIPJosephVijay are also the fans of another Tamil actor, Ajith, who showed anger by trolling Vijay.