Like Oxygen And Vaccine, PM Modi Is Also Missing: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi (5)

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday tweeted that not only vaccines, oxygen and medicines are missing but even the PM has gone missing.

“What left are Central Vista, GST on medicines and PM’s photo found at some places,” he remarked.


An accompanying Hindi tweet by the Congress said everything has gone missing, but not the government’s “fizoolkharchi” (waste of money) in this period of pandemic. Loot of people and shortage of amenities are also there, it added.

The Congress on Thursday carried a score of tweets with the hashtag of #ModiShahGayabHai. In one of them, it tweeted a reminder to PM Modi: “The money lying in PM Cares fund or being used for Central Vista is not your personal inheritance; it is public money. Use it for the public.”

On artists, scholars and museum experts calling for halt to the Central Vista plan, a pet project of PM Modi, the Congress tweeted: “There is a common chorus from across the world: PM Modi should put Indians above himself for once.”


In another tweet on missing PM and Home Minister Shah, the party said: “They have the means, they have the method, all they require is the internal motivation.”

On 21 Covid patients dying in the Goa Medical College due to the oxygen shortage, the Congress tweeted: “Each of these deaths is due to BJP’s inhumane criminal negligence. Will anyone be held accountable?”

“Not one, not two, not three, the Modi govt falters on ALL aspects of governance,” the Congress tweeted on a report on India figuring at 43 among the world’s 100 cities at the greatest environmental risk.


Rahul Gandhi has always ridiculed PM Modi in the past for many issues such as Demonetisation, West Bengal elections, Covid-19, Hathras Gangrape and many more.

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Source: Free Press Journal