CAA And NRC: UP Residents Asked To Pay Rs 14L for Damages In Protests


After almost 10 days of protesting, India has seen a huge uprise in the civil movement against CAA and NRC. Uttar Pradesh while protesting was one of the most violent ones we had seen in these 10 days and had apparently made damages to public and government property worth Rs 14 lakh.

16 people have died in UP following the protests against CAA and NRC. CM Yogi Adityanath had said that “revenge will be taken” and a police crackdown has since started. The first notice of damage payments has gone out to those who took an active part in violent protests in Rampur district.


The notices were issued on Tuesday to 28 people which included an embroidery worker and a hawker of spices who were already in police custody. They were held responsible for their acts of violence and damage to public property. The administration has asked for an explanation as to why they should not recover these costs from the ones who have done the damage worth Rs 14.86 lakh.


Source: The Indian Express

The embroidery worker’s mother Munni Begum spoke to Indian Express and said that she does not have money to hire a lawyer for her son in custody. She said, “I have not received any recovery notice from the district administration so far. We don’t even have money to arrange a lawyer for Zameer. How can we pay any compensation?”

The spice seller’s brother-in-law Faheem is in clear agony and expressed his distress. He said, “There was no need for him to participate in the violence. He lives in rented accommodation and earns a meager amount. How can he pay such a huge compensation sum?”.