These Sarcastic Tweets about Bangalore are so Overwhelming that they are absolutely to the Point

tweets about bangalore

You travel by bus and never complain about it, you drink coffee more than water, you crave for yummy food of CTR, Tindi Bheedi, and Brahmin’s Cafe and if you have at least paid ‘meter pe 20 extra’ once then you are living in Bengaluru. Your time to reach home from airport is greater than the flight duration, you consider crossing Silk Board junction in a single attempt as a major achievement in life and if you can speak at least four languages and understand a couple more then you are certainly living in Bengaluru. Do not agree? These tweets about Bangalore will prove the point.

tweets about bangalore

Amazing Tweets about Bangalore

When people took Bengaluru to Twitter, we got to know that how beautiful and alluring the city is. All that they had to say and express has come in the form of witty one-liners. People from all walks of life, living in the city, not living in the city, had lived in the city, everyone under one roof talking about Bangalore will increase your love and pride towards the city two-fold.


If you are a bachelor then one question that haunts you is ‘ What should I eat today for breakfast?’ – A Desperate Kharabath lover speaks.


You just can’t find your way. The roads of Bengaluru will confuse you though there are enough signboards to guide you.


Traffic Haters now say, “ Kabhi Aao Silk Board Pe.”



Traveling in Bengaluru Auto is a different kind of experience. Auto is a word, Wonandaff is an Emotion.


Bengaluru weather will never disappoint you. The one best thing about Bengaluru is its awesome weather.


Perfectly said.


Someone is really upset with Facebook’s weather forecast. How can Facebook do this for a true Bengalurian?


Well, Mysore Pak is not an ICC match between Mysore and Pakistan. It is a sweet dish of Karnataka. (PS: Just trying to crack a joke)


Please with due respect to RCB Fans. Next time, RCB lifts the cup for life. #RCBForLife


Bengaluru will never disappoint you brother.

Look at those hashtags. Seems that this guy is badly bitten by a Country Dog.


Typical Bengaluru Slang Words.


You have never lived in Bengaluru if you have not traveled in BMTC.



No Comments.


For your Information.


Let’s dance to the music of Bengaluru traffic.

Sir is a Word. Saaar is an Emotion.


What are your thoughts on Bengaluru? Comment below.


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