Trends Show Shiv Sena Performing Worse Than NOTA In 21 Out Of 22 Seats In Bihar


The Bihar Assembly Election 2020 vote counting is underway and the result might be a massive upset from what the Exit polls predicted. The Exit Polls handed a victory to the RJD and Congress alliance, some, by a landslide. However, the trends till now prove that the Bihar election is a tough fight between the Mahagathbandhan and the NDA (BJP and JDU).

One clear loser in these elections, however, seems to be Shiv Sena. In several cases, according to the votes counted till now, Shiv Sena seems to be doing worse that NOTA (None of the above).


Here is a list of the constituencies in which Shiv Sena is contesting and the votes they have garnered so far. The numbers have been collated from the ECI website at 12:40 PM.

Source: OP India