Top 10 Tricks To Find The Best Airlines Ticket Deals Online


Finding the best airline tickets deals online is one of the most frustrating and confusing things for travelers and frequent flyers.

With so many ticket comparison sites, you can’t really get the deal that you want. In fact, traveling is indeed inexpensive if you know how to find the best airfares.


The pricing model of the airline tickets is complicated, and it is almost impossible to figure out how the prices of airline tickets fluctuate so much.

You may have to pay various taxes, hidden fees on items that you carry. In these scenarios, your struggle of getting the best flight has to end somewhere.

Well, that being said, in this article, you will know about finding the best airline tickets without spending too much time on any comparison sites or even on the official website of airlines.


Here are some of the ways of finding the best airline tickets deals on the web:

#1 Using the best flight searching site:

Nowadays, a lot of websites are there, which compares the prices of air tickets. Sometimes, it becomes very time-consuming work to check the costs of the air tickets on these websites. So, it is always recommended to search for the best flight search sites. Below are the websites where you can find the perfect airline tickets deal online:

#2 Signup for the airlines’ e-mail list:

The second-best way of finding the best airline tickets is by signing up or subscribing to the e-mail list of the official airline company.

Don’t know how to subscribe to the e-mail list of airline websites? Just go to the official website of the airline whom you wish to subscribe to their list.


Then, scroll down on their homepage, and you will see a button or an opt-in page. Just enter your e-mail address in the opt-in page to subscribe.

For example, consider United Airlines. Go to the homepage of their official site and click on the e-mail subscription button, and then enter e-mail to sign up. Once you signed up for their newsletter, you will get regular updates about the new United Book flights deals, discounts, and coupons.

Sometimes these airline companies can give you a discount of more than fifty percent on your flight ticket.


For people who are looking for third-party vendors can try booking their air ticket via Faremart which is a reliable and user-friendly platform that deals well with the air travel services and provide the best travel experience to the travelers and seekers. It has access to more than 450 airlines and offers 24/7 customer support on travel trips and journeys while flying with different airlines.

#3 Use the VPN service:

Airline companies charge different money for the people based on their location. So, if you use a VPN service that can change your location then, you can compare the prices of the tickets offered by the airline companies in various locations. This is the key strategy for finding the best flight ticket deals.

There are many other free as well as paid VPN service available such as expressvpn, NordVPN, and many more.

Just take care of using the VPN that actually delivers and works perfectly.
For example, if you want to travel to France, then use VPN and book your flight tickets from South Africa because booking such tickets from a different country than your destination is usually cheaper.


#4 Contacting Travel Agents:

Your myth about the travel agents is keeping you away from finding the best tickets deals. Many travel agencies have travel agents. Few of the travel agents are money hungry and can charge you a lot of additional money than the original price.

You can contact travel agents online and can ask them about the suitable flight ticket deals for you. But just contacting the travel agent is not enough.

You must have a rough estimate about the airline tickets so, while talking with the travel agents, you can negotiate in a better way. In the end, contacting travel agents, searching online on the flight search sites and official airline websites will give you the best ticket price.

#5 Book a round trip:

The most preferred way of finding the best airfares online is to book a round trip. Airline companies offer a massive discount on round trips. But, in the case of single trip flights, there are no deals or coupons.
Booking a round trip is always beneficial as you get cheap deals, and you don’t have to worry about booking a return ticket. This also helps you to keep things organized and enjoy your trip without any hassles.

#6 Visit the airline’s official website:

There are some airline companies whose ticket prices you can’t see on websites like kiwi, momondo, etc. So, you can go to the airline’s official site and can get the flight tickets at a lower price without having to pay any additional fees to an intermediate agent or any website.


You can easily apply this strategy and use it, as it connects you with the airline itself. In most of the cases, you might not have to pay any taxes or any hidden fees. So, don’t avoid searching for the best flight deals on the airline’s official site.

You may also read about 14 flying tips by frequent travelers.

#7 Join Travel Reward Credit Card companies:

Travel reward card companies give special point to you if you spend a particular amount of money while using their credit card.

Cards like Chase Sapphire give you 60,000 rewards point if you spend $4,000 in the first Three months of joining. These 60,000 points are almost equal to $750. Now, you can use these points while booking a flight ticket.

If you are a business owner then, go with the Ink Business Preferred credit card as you can earn 80,000 bonus points after spending almost $5,000 in the first Three months. You will be amazed to know that these 80,000 points roughly have a price of $1,000.

So, it is always preferable to join a travel rewards credit card company to get the best ticket deals online.

#8 Know when to fly:

Do you know the myth that in January and February, you get the best discounts on airfares? Well, a lot of people actually believe in it. Sometimes, you may get great deals on the quite odd weekends. Because on weekends, thousands of people book a flight online.

Also, you must book your ticket before four to six weeks before the actual date of the flight. This can save your big bucks on the ticket price, and you can get the best offers on airline tickets.
As per Google, hotels and flight tickets are booked in advance of 3 weeks.

Having an early morning flight can help you in getting a cheaper ticket.

#9 Use your student status:

Many airlines give special discounts to the people who are under the age of 26 or for students. But these tickets for students are available in a very limited amount. You have to book them fast before they get finished.

This trick is applicable to people who are of a young age. There may be some great deals for people who are handicapped or those who are above age 60.

#10 Get tickets in a group:

As a thumb rule of buying, we get special discounts when we book tickets in a bulk amount.
If you are looking for a family trip, consider booking flights in bulk as it can reduce your ticket cost by hundreds of dollars. Skyscanner is the perfect website where you can get exclusive offers while buying bulk tickets online.

As per the TrekkSoft, most flight bookings are made at 5:00 AM EST while, least bookings are at 1:00 AM EST time.

Final Words

So, these are 11 best ways that you can follow to get the best airfares. Airline companies are making millions of dollars by charging a lot of money to consumers.

So, in a consumer’s viewpoint, it is our right to find the best possible deals online.
If you follow the above-mentioned methods, you would definitely get some amazing deals and discounts which can help you to book affordable flight tickets.