Shop Until You Drop at Chickpet – All You Need To Do in Chickpet And Donne Biryani


Over a hundred years old, Chickpet is a maze of shops and stores selling everything under the sun. From sarees to terracotta and even antiques, Chickpet has all you need under a reasonable budget. Here are some of the things you cannot miss while you’re at Chickpet.


Enter the main area of the market and you shall find age-old shops as well as new ones which boast of an expertise in sarees. Since silk sarees are what they sell mostly, you’ll always find brides to be with their families walking in and out of stores here. In some of the stores such as Kuberan, you can even find Kanjivaram along with other silk variants. The iconic Rukmini Hall has a more exquisite and exclusive collection if that’s what you’re looking for. There are shops selling other types of sarees too, such as cotton, crepes, Bollywood style, etc.



Looking to buy yourself some old world charm? Head to Balaji stores which is literally a few meters from Chickpet and off Avenue Road. This shop has figurines, typewriters and other things you’d want to remind yourself of the yesteryears. Seetha Phone company nearby is well known for their collection of gramophones and vinyl records.

things to do in chickpet

Books and Stationery

We wouldn’t miss Avenue Road, Chickpet’s nerdy neighbor. Here’s where you can buy any book for a dirt cheap price. Academia, fiction, magazines, poetry…name it! This place has all you’ll ever need. In a street where there are not only shops but also pavements and carts selling out books, the bookworm in you will have never been happier.



No shopping area is ever complete without shopping for clothes. Chickpet has a countless number of shops with everything you’ll ever need to fill in your wardrobe on a shoestring budget. Be it part clothes, formals or casuals, these shops assure that you’ll never walk away empty handed.

Light Market – Sunday Bazaar

Be it for decorating your house or your room, BVK Iyengar Road in Chickpet has everything you need. From low budget lamps to elegant and elaborate chandeliers, you can find everything you need to give a personal touch to your happy place.

things to do in chickpet

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Be it fancy bling or something you’d always like to wear, Chickpet and Avenue Road have a lot of stores to help you pick what you need. You’ll definitely find it all here. From the pocket-friendly ones to the ornamental ones you choose for a big occasion, you’ll never meet disappointment as long as you’re here in Chickpet!

things to do in chickpet

Party Supplies

Who doesn’t like to party? Be it for children, married couples, bachelors or any other age group, Chickpet markets cater to all your celebratory needs for a reasonable price. Balloons, streamers, disposable plates, fancy light, streamers…name it! There’s not a thing you won’t find here.

Food Points

While you’re at it, you will definitely feel the need to soothe those hunger pangs. Chickpet has a lot of food options such as Lakshmi Nataraja Refreshments, Bombay Special Vada Pav, SGS Non-Veg Gundu Pulav and Jodhpur Sweets. These are only a few of the many places you would love to eat at, while you’re on your shopping spree.


B.B Bakery, Chickpet

If Iyengar Bakeries are a name today then B.B Bakery is the Baap of all Iyengar Bakeries. This is one of the oldest bakeries of Bangalore, started way back in 1898. The legend goes like bakery’s owner learned to bake from an English customer and continued to create his own signature styled bakery items. They have outlets across the city and anyone who passes by B.B Bakery cannot control themselves to go in and have at least a piece of bun. Our favorites here are Palya buns, Khara Biscuits, and nicely baked hot bread slices.

Address: BVK Iyengar Road, Chickpet. (Landmark – Raghavendra Swamy Temple).

things to do in chickpet

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SGS Donne Biriyani

Located in one of the most buzzing places of the city, this Biriyani point is a real crowd puller. You may find it difficult to spot but once you are here, mark my words, it is a heaven for Non-Veg food lovers. A pretty popular place serving the scrumptious Donne Biriyani from ages. If you want to experience the glory of this place then you must visit on Sunday. However, I recommend Weekdays as it will be filled with people on Sundays.

Price wise, it is pocket-friendly and taste wise, I have no words. The place is quite congested but this should not become a stopping-factor for you. You will be amazed to see people coming out with humps and humps of parcel boxes which is a testament to the popularity of this legendary Biriyani point of Bengaluru.

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Open: 10 AM to 2:30 PM, 6 PM to 9:30 PM | 8 AM to 2 PM (Sunday)

Where: 21, Sowrastrapet, K V Temple Street, 2nd Cross, Near Chikpet Police Station, City Market.

things to do in chickpet

Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple

This Vikhanasa temple in Bangalore is one of the oldest temples whose history dates back to 16th Century C.E, dedicated to Lord Ranganatha Swamy. One can see the marvelous idol of Ranganatha Swamy, Bhudevi, and Neela Devi in the inner sanctum. The architecture of this temple has carved granite pillars which are said to have built in Vijayanagara style with an equal amount of Hoysala influence to it. The temple’s Rathotsava event and Bengaluru Karga that takes place every year on Chaitra Shuddha Pournami is an absolute optical treat.

So what are you waiting for, people? Come down to Chickpet, eat & shop till you drop!

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