The Bustling Sunday Market of BVK Iyengar Road has to be your Next Shopping Destination in Bengaluru

sunday market

Bengaluru has some noted street shopping streets like Chikpet Sunday Bazaar, Avenue Road Book Market, Commercial street, Dubai Plaza, etc. Street shopping has always been fun and boisterous with the very air wallowed in the merry colors of the city splashed at one place. People who shop in malls and showrooms may not know the feeling of going through these bustling streets, looking for that one must-buy item, haggling, hopping from one vendor to another, gobbling the roadside food, the family time; shopping gets a different palpation altogether when it is on streets. Today, we are here with one such shopping street of Bengaluru located on the boulevard of BVK Iyengar road. Come, let’s explore the bustling Sunday market of the city on today’s read.

Vibes of Sunday Market

Right into the thick of South Bengaluru and in the busy market area of BVK Iyengar road, you will find the row of shops and a moving crowd creating the whole atmosphere and a sweet milieu of shopping on the streets. It is said that the Bazaar started with a few vendors coming together to sell the second-hand products for throwaway prices. With the popularity spreading like a fire, today it has emerged to be one of the busiest street attractions of the city.


Sunday Market

It starts at the junction of BVK Iyengar Road – Arcot Srinivasachar Road and extends all the way to KR Market Bridge. You find nothing at the junction but if you go down then you will feel like the entire market seems to be waiting for you. Also referred to as Chor Bazaar, this market sells anything and everything, second-handed at dirt cheaper price. There are certain gloomy aspects to it however the market has its own gusto and you’ll definitely feel it.

The Bazaar Opens at 7:30 in the Morning

As the Sun Sets in the sky, the buzz starts here with harried shoppers, roving cows, loud vendors, honking vehicles; the feel is quite dusty and yellow. If you stroll down the road then you enter the market where you find all kinds of things put for sale on the footpaths.

Sunday Market
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Shopping at Sunday Market

You can buy anything and everything here from apparels, home decor items, to shoes and fashion items. It begins with Cloth Stalls selling colorful blankets, jackets, kids wear, and home decor fabrics which you don’t mind taking a second look at. Moving on, there are stalls selling old hardware items like Spanners, Nut Bolts, Automobile parts etc. Do not go for clothes as they last for only one wash. Make sure you check the products twice before you buy.


Sunday Market

Moving further down, you will find stalls selling kitchenware, old appliances, plastic containers, utensils and other electronic items which definitely gives you a feeling of standing in a Chor Bazaar. You shop or don’t shop, things are of quality or not – the bazaar has everything for you at a dirt cheaper price. For an instance, a Wardrobe for Rs.500, an antique clock for Rs.200 and a pair of Denim trousers for Rs.100, and so on. People come here, wander for some time, shop something which they feel is worthy of and just disappear in the busy lanes of the market.

Useful Tips

Do not take your Vehicle in the market and struggle for parking. Just leave it at the entrance and take a walk. There will be full of haggling and this street will seriously test your bargaining skills. Keep an eye on your Children and beware of pickpocketers.

Sunday Bazaar at BVK Iyengar road is an amazing way to spend your Sunday as the market opens to different colors and shades showing you another side of the city. Come here and explore the vibes of Old Bangalore like never before.


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