TikTok Removes Dozens Of Accounts Relating To Terrorist Organisation

source: projectgecko

Tik Tok, a social media video app has terminated dozens of accounts related to Terrorist group ISIS. The Chinese company decided to remove these accounts as they are responsible for posting extremist propaganda on the app, a source said.

Recruiting youths

According to the Beijing owned company TikTik, ISIS is looking to recruit youths into their group, as the US continues to withdraw its troops from Syria.


Video contents like IS fighters parading with guns, women who show themselves as ‘Jihadist and proud’ were found circulating in the application. The company has claimed to have removed 2 dozens accounts from their platform.

source: outlookafganistan

“Content promoting terrorist organizations have no place on TikTok. We immediately ban any such accounts and associated devices as soon as recognized, and we continuously develop ever-stronger charges to proactively detect unusual activities.” TikTok spokesperson told.

Support for their movement

Tik Tok, which enables users to create and share videos for not more than a minute, is especially popular among teenagers. To reinforce the strength in the region, ISIS is reaching the teens to support their movement.


“This is an industry-wide hurdle complicated by bad actors who actively try to avoid protective measures, but we have a team dedicated to aggressively defending against hateful behavior on TikTok,” the spokesperson added.

source: dailyexpress

These contents in the app can land the company into huge trouble as Washington DC is calling for an investigation of the company over censorship concerns. Previously, the app was fined in the United States for illegally collecting information from children. However, the company has refuted the allegations, saying they abide by local privacy laws. Countries like Bangladesh and Indonesia have already banned Tik Tok for having faced its fair share of criticism.