10 Most Powerful Dialogues Of The Kashmir Files That Will Give You Goosebumps

Vivek Agnihotri’s directorial film, The Kashmir Files, has done the unimaginable! The film has smashed all records at the box office in its first week. With this, let us check out some of the most powerful and important dialogues from the film.

Powerful dialogues from the film

Big releases like Prabhas’ Radhe Shyam and Alia Bhatt’s Gangubai Kathiawadi haven’t concerned TKF at all as a huge crowd of people has flocked to the theatres to watch The Kashmir Files. All eyes are now set on the Holi holiday, where the film is expected to enter the Rs 100-crore club.


These are some of the powerful and important dialogues of the film that have stuck in the head of the audience, you will get goosebumps after reading it.

1.ye sataaye hue log gan hee uthaenge, sar.
kashmeeree pandito ne to kabhee koee bandook nahin uthaee, kyon?

These oppressed people will only pick up the gun, sir. Kashmiri Pandits Never do the same, why?

2. Jahaan shiv, Sarasvatee, Rshi kashyap hue
vo kashmeer hamaara tha. jahaan panchatantr likha gaya
vo kashmeer hamaara tha. too jaanata hee kya hai kashmeer ke baare mein.

‘Where Shiva, Saraswati, and sages like Rishi Kashyap
that lived once, that Kashmir was ours. Where the Panchatantra was written. That Kashmir was ours. What do you know about Kashmir?


3. desh kee takadeer vahee badal sakata hai jisake paas
ye paavar hai, politikal paavar.

‘The fate of the country can be changed only with this power, political power.’

4. agar India Britan se apanee indipendens ke lie lad sakatee hai, to kashmeer kyon nahin? agar bhagat sinh ko selibret kiya jaata hai, to burahaan vaanee ko kyon nahin?sarakaar unakee hai to kya hua sistam to hamaara hai.

‘If India can fight for its independence from the British, why not Kashmir? If Bhagat Singh is celebrated, then why not Burhan Wani? If the government is theirs’, then what happened, the system is ours.

5. kya kashmeer ke panditon ko kabhee apane ghar kashmeer lautane ka mauka milega?

Will the Kashmir pandits ever get a chance to return to Kashmir?


6. Fake news dikhaana, itana khataranaak nahin hai. jitan sahee nyooj chhipaana.

Showing fake news is not so dangerous as hiding the right news.

7. aazaadee aatankavaad ka geet hai

‘Azadi is a song of terrorism’

8. Politics ka ek hee ant hai… Vinash… Mauth
mauth ke dar se main bhee kaayar ban jaoon

‘Politics has only one end.. disaster. death. With the fear of death even I can be a coward.’


9.toote hue log kuchh bataate nahin, unhen sunana padata hai.

People who are broken often don’t speak, they have to listen instead.

10. kaisee vidambana hai…kashmeer ko log jannat maanate hain. aur kashmeer ko jahannum banaane vaale bhee jihaad isalie karate hain ki unhen jannat mile.

‘What an irony… People consider Kashmir as a paradise. And those who make Kashmir hell also do jihad so that they can go to heaven.