Hijab Petitioners Are Terrorists, They Are Trained By A Terror Outfit: BJP leader

Bharathiya Janatha Party leader stirs controversy over Hijab row. Calls Hijab petitioners as terrorists after some girls refused to follow the high court’s order.

BJP leader stirs controversy

Yashpal Suvarna, a senior BJP leader and vice-chairman of the Udupi Government Pre-University College Development Committee has tagged the young Muslim girls who had gone to the Karnataka High Court’s intervention as “anti-national” and “members of a terrorist organization.”


Suvarna in his statement said, “The girls have once again proved that they are not students but part of a terrorist organization. A terrorist alliance from Hyderabad came here and trained them on what statements should be given in the media. They are overlooking the intellectual judges by making a statement in opposition to the High Court verdict. ”

Questioning the verdict is unacceptable 

He further told that their statement amounted to contempt of court.

“What are we supposed to expect from them for the country when these girl students call the judgments of intellectual judges politically motivated and against the law?” Suvarna asked, “They’ve only demonstrated that they’re anti-national,” he repeats.


“We are confident that the Supreme Court will issue a decision that is practical to the entire country,” the BJP leader said.

On the same note, Suvarna pointed out that when people tried to convince Siddaramaiah to wear saffron, he threw the cloth away, but in the Uroos, he does not hesitate to wear the cap that symbolizes devotion to Islam.

He further said that only those who respect the law will be allowed to study at the girl’s PU college here and that everyone else is ineligible to be citizens of this country. He also stated that the next goal would be to create a Hindu nation and a uniform civil code.