Throwback To The Time When Sonu Nigam Was Completely Sidelined By Bollywood

Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam has been in the news for quite a while after he took on the music label company T-Series for favoritism.

Since his allegation, the Hindi music industry has become a great topic of discussion in the media and social media. For a while, the quality of Hindi music has significantly decreased in recent times. Sonu Nigam has leveled serious allegations against Bhushan Kumar, the son of Gulshan Kumar who founded T-Series. The debate since then has reached another level.


A 7-year-old video has been going viral on Facebook where Sonu Nigam is seen discussing issues with Bhushan Kumar and Salman Khan. The video is a Rajeev Masand interview where he was seen talking about Bhushan. He said while Gulshan Kumar launched him, he was the one who launched Bhushan Kumar. Sonu said he has always helped Bhushan professionally as well as personally. He also alleged that Bhushan has been in a lot of dirty things. Sonu said that he looked after Bhushan like a younger brother.

Sonu Nigam (1)

Issue With Salman Khan

Sonu also spoke about the issues regarding royalty with Bhushan and said that Gulshan Kumar is to keep everyone at the forefront, singer or composer, while Bhushan is doing the opposite. He also spoke about Salman Khan and his claim that singers shouldn’t ask for royalty as the song sells on the face of actors. Sonu asked, if that’s the case, every song picturized on the stars would sell. He added that he respects Salman Khan and is a fan and went onto say that, because you are adding so much to the song, you are getting 35 crores but the singer is getting 25,000 rupees.

In the viral video which Sonu put out recently, he accused Bhushan Kumar of being involved in a MeToo scandal as well as having ties with gangster Abu Salem. While Bhushan Kumar’s wife Divya Khosla Kumar responded to it, the closure has not been reached yet.



Source: Koimoi