Since 1962, Thomsons Bakery is Bengaluru’s Favorite When It Comes To Plum Cakes

thomsons bakery

Since 1962, this place has been baking some of the best plum cakes in the city. This family-run bakery started off with baking bread and other baked goods but now has earned its name for its plum cakes. Thomas Bakery is known to all in Cox Town and has something resembling a fan following for all its products.

Very few bakeries have a reputation for serving some of the freshest and most delicious foods with a regularity. Thomsons Bakery is one of them. Here are five reasons why you simply must visit this bakery.

1. The Treats!

You get almost everything you can think of getting in a bakery from cakes, pastries, cookies, assorted snacks, puddings, mousse and cheesecakes to muffins. The goods are sweet but never too sugary that it stops you from stuffing your face with them. The cookies are crisp and a delight to have with your afternoon tea.

2. The freshness

The bread here feels like it had just been baked a few minutes ago. The loaves of bread are so soft and the cakes melt in your mouth. The smell of the baked goods alone is enough to make one have a foodgasm. The bakery clearly never compromises on quality and always keeps a fresh stock for its customers.

thomsons bakery
Credits – The Goya Journal

3. Why eat bread when you can have cake?

The cakes here are creamy and delicious. The apple cake in this bakery is a favorite amongst foodies and has won high praise from all. The soft and gentle taste of these cakes leaves you wanting for more.

4. Tradition

It is now something of a tradition to visit this bakery every winter to have their legendary plum cakes for Christmas. Thomsons Bakery enjoys a growing base of loyal customers – some of whom have been patrons to this Bakery for many decades. Cox town and Frazer town have almost nobody who hasn’t heard of this timeless bakery.

thomsons bakery

5. Vegetarian Option

For those who usually cannot enjoy baked goods such as mousse or cake due to abstaining from consuming eggs, Thomsons Bakery comes to your rescue! This place has a vegetarian menu too and has plenty of eggless options for you to enjoy.

thomsons bakery

Don’t wait for long. Grab the keys and head to MM Road in Cox Town. Thomsons Bakery is open from eight in the morning to eight in the night. Choose from over seventy different items from their awesome menu.

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