These Bengaluru friends are doing something which was much needed in the City

homeless people

Have you ever thought about people who are homeless in the city? A survey conducted by the State Government in November 2010 says that the number of homeless in Bengaluru is close to 2,858. Another study conducted by a consortium of 29 NGOs found at least 17,141 homeless in the city. This is a haunting sight where you find so many people sleeping on the streets in the freaking wintry nights of November and December. We are not exaggerating or leaving a touch of sympathy but the situation they are going through is terrible and troublesome. In this context, a group of friends in the city has come forward to lend their helping hands to these unheard and unattended homeless people.

bengaluru friends

Woollen Blankets to Homeless in Bengaluru

With an idea of distributing woollen blankets to needy lying on footpaths, this group of friends is trying to spread warmth and cheer among the homeless. They call themselves as ‘Manav Seva Friends Group, Bangalore’ comprising of ten young men who went around the city on October 22 to distribute over 50 blankets. On October 28, they managed to distribute over 120 blankets starting from Tin Factory, Halasuru, Commercial Street, Shivaji Nagar, Vidhana Soudha, to KR Market, and RR Nagar arch.

homeless people

Rakesh Chandaliya, member of ‘Manav Seva friends’ says, “We went around between 11 PM and 4:30 AM to identify the deserving. Only the desperately needy are given the blankets.” Mr. Chandaliya is accompanied by Nilesh Mehta, Sandeep Chajjeed, Manoj Bohra, Rakshith Bohra, Kamal Kataria, Siddarth Bhavishi, Yash Bhandari, Bharath Sharma and Vishal Gadwani in the group.

Bengaluru friends
Mr. Rakesh Chandaliya

It all started with Birthday treats

As reported in Indian express, Rakesh Chandaliya said that the idea struck on a chat about birthday treats to be given by two friends – “We were discussing lunch for family and friends when I suggested that we could use the ‘2000’ or ‘3000’ on something more worthwhile, like helping the needy. Everyone agreed immediately.” The group then skipped the idea of lunch and went around distributing 27 blankets to mark the duo’s 27th birthday.

homeless people

[Credits – Indian Express]

Mehta recalls about a family of a couple and a young boy (around 4 years of age) shivering in the cold, sleeping on Commercial Street. He said, “When I wrapped a blanket around the boy and he looked happy, his father literally fell at my feet.” He adds, “Most of the homeless thanks us profusely and this really inspires us.”

We do not want Financial Help

The group is clear about their objective and seeks no financial help or volunteers to continue their work towards homeless. Rakesh Chandaliya informs, “We don’t want any contribution from anyone. We have made a video of us distributing blankets on Social media with an intention to inspire others to do their needful to these homeless people in the city.”

Chandaliya adds, “ We want to see this mission replicated across India. Even if funds come our way, we may not be able to reach a large number and so we prefer to work as a small team.”

Where Governments failed and responsible authorities fizzled, this group of friends is trying to bring a change without expecting anything in return. So, it is wisely said that ” To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.

bengaluru friends

There will be a Blanket Distribution To Homeless People Of Bangalore From October To December End. On Every Saturday Night From 11pm to 4:30am.

bengaluru friends

We thought that this is a story that has to be told, a story that can inspire you and me, a story that can ignite the spirit of service in all of us.

If you have anything to share with the state of homeless in the city or your experiences about the topic then do share with us in the comments below.

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