‘The 42’ In Kolkata Is India’s Tallest Building, Touching The Sky at 268 Meters

The 42

‘The 42’ in Kolkata has pipped south Mumbai’s ‘The Imperial’ as India’s tallest building. Indeed, located in the heart of Kolkata, created a lot of buzzes as news reports of it being the tallest building in the country began doing the rounds.

The Tallest amongst all

The 42 Chowringhee in Kolkata is now officially the tallest residential tower in the city Kolkata and India. With 56 ultra-luxurious flats on offering, there are multi-faceted amenities and facilities available. Whereas, promising unmatched luxury to the owners at a snobbish price tag of Rs 17 crore and onwards. The construction of the building has been completed. Moreover, at 268 meters, it is now the tallest building in India. It would have been the second-tallest had the additional four floors that were later sanctioned not been constructed.

The 42

The 42 projects in Chowringhee, Kolkata is being built by a four-member consortium- Mani Group, Salarpuria Sattva, Alcove Realty and Diamond Group. Additionally, Hafeez, a Contractor is working as a consultant on this project. The properties are priced here Rs 17 crore onwards that accounts to Rs 20,000-22,000 per sq ft. There are only a few properties left on this price and maximum of the units if left available are in resale and are priced according to the market demand. However, the property prices in Elgin locality stands at Rs 13,735 sq ft on an average.

About ‘The 42’ Chowringhee

There are 4/5/6 BHK apartments in Kolkata’s The 42. A 4BHK apartment in The 42 will have 4 bedroom, hall, kitchen and four toilets in 7780 sq ft. A 5BHK apartment here will have 5 bedroom, hall, kitchen and five toilets in 7815 sq ft and a 6BHK apartment will have 6 bedroom, hall, kitchen and five toilets in 7815 sq ft.

The 42

The second tallest building in the city is at a whopping 167.8 meters and it’s named Urbana. Sadly, it falls just a 100 metes short to ‘The 42′. However, overlooking the Maidan and the Hooghly river beyond, ‘The 42’ has reshaped Kolkata’s skyline, dwarfing buildings like Tata Centre, Chatterjee International and Everest House that had dominated the skyline for over five decades.