Bengaluru Now Has More Containment Zones Than Mumbai And More Cases That Kolkata

Not long ago, with almost negligible cases when compared to the other metros, Bengaluru and its model were lauded for efficient tackling of the Coronavirus. However, the screws have now come off, as the city is struggling to contain the virus. More than 1000 cases are being reported every day, and it is high time that strict decisions come into the picture.

Bengaluru contributing to almost 60% of Karnataka’s cases

Furthermore, Bengaluru has turned out to become the hotspot of the virus in the state. Almost 60% of the total number of cases in the state have been reported from Bengaluru. While negating the virus in the city is one task, the government might also have to focus on making sure that there is no spread of the virus to the other districts.


Bengaluru model (1)
Courtesy: The Financial Express

Bengaluru now has more containment zones than Mumbai

It is well known that Mumbai is the worst-affected city due to the pandemic in the entire country. However, a few days ago, the number of cases reported in Bengaluru were higher than those reported in Mumbai on that particular day.

Also, the total number of containment zones in Bengaluru is higher than in Mumbai. While in Bengaluru, the count stands at around 3000, in the Financial Capital, there are close to 750 containment zones. However, the experts have cleared the air saying that each corporation has its own ways of demarcating a containment zone, and hence, comparing two cities on the number of containment zones might not give a clear picture. Meanwhile, Bengaluru also crossed Kolkata in terms of the number of COVID-19 cases.