Techies in Bengaluru Demand for Silk Board Allowance from Companies for Waiting in the Signal

silk board allowance

We all know how insane the traffic at silk board signal gets into and who else can better understand it than the techies. People wait for hours to cross this one signal and thus making it the World’s biggest traffic signal, no logic intended. In this context, going to a helplessness situation, an association has been formed by techies called ASBA, Association for Silk Board Allowance. Surprise!

Memorandum for Companies

In a meeting of ASBA that happened last weekend, the association has decided and submitted a memorandum to companies. It has asked MNCs and Software companies to include silk board allowance in the pay package of techies who go through an enormous amount of pain while crossing the Silk Board traffic signal.


Silk Board Allowance

Sumit M, President, ASBA said,

“IT companies or any company be it is cannot take us lightly. If they do not take any action on our demands, we will come to the street. They are very much aware that we have a strong force of 5 lakh engineers who spend at least three to four hours every day basically doing nothing other than listening to advertisements in FM channels.”

He made it clear,

“After they started metro work near the signal, our life has become even more horrible. In addition to allowance, we have asked for dormitories with refreshments where people can go and take rest. Proper kiosks allowing banking, utility bill payments and ticket booking facilities. This signal is not going anywhere, we have to find a way to manage our lives around this.”

(Information Source: Bengaluru Post)


So, what do you think about this move? Is it fair to give ‘Silk Board Allowance’ for techies? Let us know your views on this in the comments below.

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