Task Force Submits Lockdown Plan for Karnataka After April 14 – Here’s What May Happen!

CM Yediyurappa
Courtesy: The News Minute

Karnataka Task Force headed by the popular cardiac surgeon, Dr. Devi Shetty has called for the lockdown to continue in the hotspots of the state where cases of COVID-19 have been reported. The task force has given a list of instructions in the report submitted to the government.

The 21-day nationwide lockdown announced by the Prime Minister of India on the 24th of March is scheduled to end on the 14th of April. While most states have expressed in favor of continuing lockdown, the Prime Minister is likely to take a decision on the 11th of April after consulting all the Chief Ministers. A Taskforce set up by the government of Karnataka, headed by Dr. Devi Shetty has come up with a report of lockdown.

Educational Institutions Closed till May 30

The Taskforce has recommended that the restriction on transportation including metro, buses, trains, and airlines should carry on until the 30th of April. Although, it said the goods transportation should be continued without any hindrance. It also batted for allowing auto-rickshaws and imposing an odd-even rule for private vehicles.

Bengaluru Lockdown
Courtesy: Deccan Herald

It has also recommended to shut down educational institutions until the 30th of May and has advocated for online classes. The task force is also in favor of allowing Information Technology, Bio-Technology, and garment industries to begin working with a 50 percent strength. It also strongly recommended to identify the hotspots in the state and continuing lockdowns in those regions.

The Karnataka government is likely to submit the report to the center for consideration. The Prime Minister’s office will take a call after the meeting with all the Chief Ministers that is scheduled to take place the day after tomorrow.

Here is a full list of recommendations:

  • Goods transportation to be allowed while the restriction of passenger carriers continues.
  • Educational institutions to be closed until the 30th of May. Online classes to be encouraged.
  • All industries, IT, BT and garments to work with 50 percent strength.
  • Construction workers to be allowed to work at the site with 50 percent strength.
  • Garment workers should be encouraged to stitch Personal Protective Equipment as the demand increases.
  • Identifying more COVID-19 cases and segregating positive cases from the uninfected ones.
  • Online health services to be encouraged.
  • Rapid test kits that will arrive on the 12th of April to be made use of to identify more suspected groups.
  • Restrictions in districts where there are minimum or zero cases should be relaxed.
  • Lockdown to continue in hotspots.
  • No buses, trains, flights, and metro till the 30th of April. Auto rickshaws to be allowed.
  • Odd-even system of transportation for private vehicles.