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Sudeep Fans Unhappy With Vikrant Rona Promotions, Trashes Its Marketing Team

In the last few days, fans of Kannada superstar Kichcha Sudeep have been a bit upset with the pace of the promotions of the actor’s next, Vikrant Rona.

Vikrant Rona promotion

Abhinaya Chakravarthy Kichcha Sudeep had done a tour of the four southern states, Mumbai and Delhi during the trailer launch of the film, but that was not enough, reckoned fans, who wanted him to spend more time in promotions.


Quite recently there was news that Sudeep had caught Covid yet again, owing to which promotions of his next, Vikrant Rona, had been discontinued. The film’s producer, Manjunath Gowda later clarified that the actor was Covid negative and was, instead, down because of viral fever.

Apparently, Sudeep played cricket amid rains and wound up falling sick, the news of which quickly spread that he had Covid. In fact, Manjunath says that the Kannada superstar will resume promotions of the film from July 23.

Fans are not happy

Fans however are upset that the filmmakers are lagging behind when it comes to a movie promotion. Recently Vikrant Rona’s Twitter account was recognized by Twitter with a Blue Tick. The team had shared the same with a post. In reaction to this, a fan argues that the filmmakers are not doing enough to promote the film.


A Twitter user wrote, “A time when a film should be busy promoting, they are bothered about Twitter Blue Ticks. Promotion level (emoji)”

Following this tweet, there were several mixed reactions. Check them out below: