Rashtriya Hindu Sena Chief Defends Siddharamaiah’s Visit To Temple After Meat Consumption

Siddaramaiah has not done anything wrong regarding meat consumption, said Sri Ram Sena founder Pramod Muthalik. He said that the behavior of some in the BJP who accuse him without any reason is disgusting.

The meat-eating row

Recently Bharatiya Janata Party has alleged that while visiting Kodagu, former CM and Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah had consumed non-veg food and went to a temple. And when asked about the same the Congress leader said,  “I had lunch in the guest house and went to Basaveshwara temple in the evening. What is wrong with consuming non-vegetarian food and going to the temple? Who are you to question about my food habits?”


Since then several BJP MLAs have launched attacks against Siddaramaiah saying that our religious sentiments have been hurt in this connection.

Meanwhile, Pramod Muthalik, founder of Srirama Sena, reacted to Siddaramaiah’s statement, he said, “Meat consumption is not a matter of discussion. Siddaramaiah has not done anything wrong when it comes to meat consumption. BJP is just dragging Siddaramaiah and their behavior in this matter is disgusting.”

The statment over Veer Savarkar 

Although Pramod Muthalik defended the Congress leader on meat consumption, he also condemned Siddaramaiah’s statement about Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. The Congress leader had said, “It is true that VD Savarkar went to jail. He wrote an apology letter and was released from jail. BJP calls him Veer Savarkar. I’m not angry with Savarkar. What I said was the way he behaved was not right.”


Reacting to the statment Pramod Muthalik explained,”After getting to know Savarkar properly, he should speak. He is going to make cruel Tipu Sultan a hero. We go door to door and give information about Savarkar. He said that Savarkar’s photo will be kept in every Ganesha Pendal. ‘We have all kinds of devotees. I will not talk about the meat consumption controversy.”

Meanwhile, the Srirama Sena leader requested for Ganesh Chaturthi to be allowed at Eidga Maidan in Hubli. They took part in the protest from Durga Bail through Dajiban town. Also, signatures were collected from the locals demanding Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations.

“None of the Eidga Ground are your father’s property. The Maidan is public property. Muslims are allowed to pray there. If Ganeshotsav is not allowed, its curse will hit the government. The Muslim community has been allowed to offer 2 times Namaz at Eidgah Maidan. But the government and corporations are bothering to give permission for Ganeshotsava celebrations,” Pramod Muthalik said.