Siddaramaiah Asks Hindus And Muslims To Maintain Peace, Twitter Asks What Did Hindus Do

Three people have been killed in the police firing in Bengaluru where violent riots took place over a Facebook post that was allegedly derogatory against Prophet Muhammad.

The riots had over 60 police personnel injured and some of the journalists were also attacked. The Bengaluru City Police has taken over 100 people into custody in relation to the riots that happened in the East Bengaluru region. As the news traveled, many leaders across political parties have appealed to the citizens to maintain peace and do away with violence.


Bengaluru riot

Former Karnataka Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Siddaramaiah took to Twitter to express his grievances and condemn the violence that occurred in the city. He wrote,

“I condemn both violent incidents that erupted in Kaval Byrsandra & also the social media post that instigated the mob. I humbly request both Hindus & Muslims of the area to stay calm, maintain peace & live in harmony. Our experience tells us that only innocents suffer in the communal riots. I urge leaders from both the religion to discuss and resolve the issue amicably & restore peace in the area.”

Backlash Against The Tweet

However, the leader was criticized for his tweet and for mentioning ‘Hindu’ in his tweet. One of the twitter user Arun Pudur said,

“I was focusing on Dalit because of the fake Jai Bhim Jai Meem pushed by Congress. I don’t see any difference between Dalit or Brahmin as it is a British construct, not ours. I am breaking his narrative of blaming Hindus or nothing.”

Here’s how others reacted on Twitter.