Shivanna comes up with a ‘Sharp Reaction’ after Darshan’s Hosapete incident

Darshan recently had to face the wrath of Punneth Rajkumar fans as one of them attacked the Kranti actor with a slipper. This incident happened while the challenging star was busy promoting for Kranti at Hosapete. After this, Shivrajkumar has given a sharp reaction to the incident.

The slipper incident

Kranti’s second song ‘Bombe Bombe’ was released in Hosapete Ballari. There was a special event organized at the place to launch the music and Challenging star Darshan and Rachita Ram were also part of it.


However, while Rachita Ram was delivering a speech about the film, angry Appu fans attacked Darshan with a slipper.

Reacting instantly, D-Boss came up with a calmer response. He says in Kannada, “Tappenu illa chinna parvagilla (It’s ok dear, nothing was wrong)”

Dr. Shiva Rajkumar’s reaction

Now, Puneeth Rajkumar’s elder brother Shiva Rajkumar has given sharp reactions to the incident.


Speaking about the same, the 60-year-old said, “I am very much hurt after hearing what happened to Darshan. I don’t want anyone in this world to behave like this. Like my father (Dr. Rajkumar) always said, ‘we all artists are like family, and if one gets hurt it impacts all.’ Whoever did this, it’s a request please do not do this again.”

Here’s the video: