“I don’t need to think about my fans my friend” Sudeep’s Epic response towards ‘Fan-War’

Kichcha Sudeep had recently issued a statement and condemned the slipper attack on Kananda actor Darshan. He said that it disturbed him and added that Darshan ‘didn’t deserve this kind of treatment’. Today he also commented about the same and replied to a fan who appreciated him for his gesture.

Sudeep criticized the slipper attack

Actor Kichcha Sudeep criticized the slipper attack, over the weekend, on actor Darshan at the song launch of his upcoming Kannada film Kranti. Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, Sudeep in a statement shared his views on the incident and said that it disturbed him. He also said that Darshan ‘surely didn’t deserve this kind of treatment’. He added that one silly act shouldn’t damage the whole system.


Sudeep’s post read, “Our land, language, and culture is all about love & respect. Every problem has a solution, and every solution has multiple ways of being solved. Each and every individual deserves to be treated with dignity, and any problem can be solved in a manner that is plesant and calm. The video I saw was very disturbing. There were many others and the leading lady of the film standing there as well, who were just a part of the event and had nothing to do with the rage that was prevailing at that time. Humiliating them publicly brings about questions as to we are Kannadigas known for these unjustified reactions. Is this kind of an outburst even an option.”

The Vikrant Rona actor doesn’t want incidents like these to spoil the image of the Kannada film industry as he added, “Kannada industry and the people of our land are known for good reasons for which Kannada and Karnataka are respected across all states. We shouldn’t be spreading this kind of message. Rebelling like this isn’t an answer or a reaction towards any situation.”

Concluding his note, Sudeep apologized if he has hurt anyone’s feelings with his words and requested everyone to spread love.


Fan’s reply

With his statement, several fans praised the actor for speaking up for the Kranti star Darshan. One user wrote how a star plays an important role to adorn their fans. The tweet wrote, “Dog’s tail can never be straight. I’m not enough eligible to say Boss but a clap need 2 hands without 2 hands there won’t be a clap so plz be urself n think abt ur fans that’s enough,at the end none will stand with u in KFI except ur fans us @KicchaSudeep’s goodness wins.

To this, the Vikrant Rona actor responds, “i don’t need to think about my fans my friend,, because I ain’t far from them. I live with them…. I live for them. They keep me alive.”