Bengaluru’s Icnoic Theatre Shankar Nag Chitramandira Re-Opens After Two Years

Shankar Nag Chitramandira

One of the Iconic Theater on MG Road, Shankar nag Chitramandira is all set to reopen after two years. It went through a lot of renovation which included an increase in the number of seats, changing the entire decor and the cinema technology, which was also replaced by Onyx Cinema LED. Additionally, Harmans are providing sound technology. Hence, the name of the theater was changed to Swagath Onyx Theater.

The theatre which is owned by BBMP has been leased out to the Swagath Group. However, the theatre was named after the late Kannada actor and director Shankar Nag. The theater was shut down on 2005 which was later reopened by Fame Cinemas. However, in 2017, Fame Cinemas decided not to renew its lease. Since then, BBMP was looking for another counselor.


Onyx Cinema LED Largest screen in the world

Samsung has decided to provide the theater with a digital screen called Onyx Cinema LED. It is the first cinema technology in the city which was launched by Samsung Globally in 2017. Its first screen was installed in South Korea. Moreover, this mega screen is mammoth 14 meters long which is said to be one of the largest screens in the world. Samsung has four Onyx screens in India, two in Delhi and one in Mumbai. It is also been installed in two other countries which are China and Malaysia.


Puneet Sethi, vice president of Samsung India, explains, “Samsung is the only brand offering an end-to-end movie experience. From stunning visuals through Onyx Cinema LED screens to phenomenal sound from JBL, professional by Harman. Swagath Onyx Theatre in Bengaluru will revolutionize the cinema viewing experience in the city.”

Therefore, Samsung has literally changed the landscape of the central business of Bengaluru. Sources: TOI

Sudeep reacts to the news

After this incident, Kichcha Sudeep reacted with a Tweet. He said “Many of us carry such sweet memories connected to Shankar Nag theater (Symphony, in those days). The fact that it hasn’t been converted to anything else and still continues to be a theater, which is exciting. So many memories got refreshed.”

On the other hand, People have also reacted to this news. 

Such Great news, right? 



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