10 Things To Know About Bengaluru’s Rangashankara – A Theatre in Tribute To The Late Shankar Nag


Rangashankara is a specialty theatre, world-class in its own right and certainly a very popular office in the capital city of Karnataka, Bengaluru. The place displays showy exhibitions from both India and overseas and serves as a venue to create and dispatch new and imaginative performances, preparations and center structures.

The project in a way take efforts to encourage people to the theater and discover their theatre aptitudes. Here are the top 10 things that you must know about Bengaluru’s Rangashankara.

Dream Of Shankar Nag

Shankar Nag dreamt about Rangashankara along with Arundhati Nag, a theater star to make sure that his love for theater spreads and extends to more people. So, passionate was Shankar Nag about his venture that he drove from theaters in Bombay to start a small theatre venture in Bengaluru called Sanket with Arundhati. Thus, the stage was set for the formation of Rangashankara.

After Shankar Nag passed away in 1992, Arundhati Nag and people close to Shankar took initiative to turn his dream a reality by forming Rangashankara. The group registered Sanket and raised funds for Rangashankara to develop it.

Shankar Nag

2. Rangashankara Hosts Theatrical Performances

The venue hosts some of the finest performances and events from artists in India and abroad. The staff at Rangashankara aims to come up with innovative theatre forms and to build an audience exceptionally for theatre.


3. Theatre Appreciation Course

As a part of the organization’s interest in promoting theatre, Rangashankara conducts a course in theatre appreciation once every year mostly during the month of October. The fee for the course is INR 5000 and students can receive discounts for the same.

Arundathi Shankarnag

4. Annual Theatre Festival

The group organizes annual theatre festival in the month of October every year. As a part of the festival, plays from all over the country in various languages are displayed here. Also, Shankar Nag Theatre Award is given for young theatre worker, every year from Rangashankara team.

5. Mango Party

Rangashankara keeps on organizing many attractive events. One such very popular event is the Mango Party which takes place every year during the summer season. The event celebrates the love for Mango-the King of all fruits.


6. One-Stop Platform For Art Lovers

The place offers not only high-quality theatre facilities but also food facility, area for children to play, affordable tickets, and great ambiance. Naturally, it serves as the one-stop platform for artists and art lovers and encourages both the young people and children to try their hands at the theatre.

7. Open For All Languages

Rangashankara is a theatre platform that does not restrict to displaying plays only in the Kannada language. Until now, the place has also showcased programs in Hindi and English and is always open to accepting plays in other languages if they offer quality content and showcase almost 400 programs every year.


8. Great Collection Of Books

It is a fantastic place to be for the book lover who is a voracious reader. The book shop of Rangashankara is located just at the front of the lobby and houses a great collection of books especially related to performances and theatre. Those who are very much interested in knowing more about theatre and art can be a part of the book store events such as book launches and book reading sessions. Such events contribute towards improving your level of information on subjects like artforms, theatres, and performances across India and abroad.

9. Cafeteria For Audience And Performers

The Food Cafe at Rangashankara offers some tasty snacks and bites like akki roti, bhajiis, and rolls. It is a place where you can accidentally meet the performers and discuss a few things with them as an audience.


10. AHA! Program For Children

Rangashankara’s AHA! Program for children is one of the most ambitious projects that focus on bringing the best of artists among children. The group launched this program in 2006 and ever since then has been adding more dimensions and international collaborations including international festival to bring the best in theatre for the children.


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