Shahrukh, The Man Who Had Opened Fire During Delhi Riots, Was Never Arrested

source: twitter

The Gunman, named as Shahrukh, who opened fire on February 24 during the extreme clashes over Citizenship Act in northeast Delhi, has not been arrested till now as the police are still searching for him, said a report.

Shahrukh was never arrested 

An update shared by ANI revealed that Shahrukh, who opened fire at police during violence in Northeast Delhi was never arrested. It is said that he fled the place immediately after firing those eight rounds at the police in Delhi’s Maujpur area. The police have been in the lookout for Shahrukh from then, the report added.

Previously, the social media had shared a video of a man dressed in a red shirt running towards an unarmed Delhi Police officer signaling a gun. The man points his gun at the police officer while getting closer to him. He then opens fire in the other direction, while the policeman with a stick in his hand trying to prevent him.

Police searching the gunman 

The Delhi Crime Branch and the Police are carrying out raids to search Shahrukh. They are using Shahrukh’s photograph to conduct search operations.

The sources also say that the police are investigating through his social media profile to capture his location. It is said that the 27-year-old is continuously changing locations of his hideouts. However, he is positively communicating with his friends through social media accounts.

source: twitter

An officer in the higher ranks of the Delhi police department revealed that that the father of the gunman Shahrukh is a local drug dealer and has been detained several times for his actions. Moreover, the Shahrukh is assumed to be a relative of criminal Irfan Urf Chhenu Pehalwan, who is already in prison.



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