SDPI Leader Elyas Mohammed Blames Police Inaction As The Cause Of Riots In Bengaluru


Three people have been killed in the police firing in Bengaluru where violent riots took place over a Facebook post that was allegedly derogatory against Prophet Muhammad.

The riots had over 60 police personnel injured and some of the journalists were also attacked. The Bengaluru City Police has taken over 100 people into custody in relation to the riots that happened in the East Bengaluru region. As the news traveled, many leaders across political parties have appealed to the citizens to maintain peace and do away with violence.


Bengaluru riot
Courtesy: Arun Dev

The Social Democratic Party of India has now distanced itself from the violence that took place on Tuesday and has blamed the police for their inaction. The president of the state wing of the party, Elyas Mohammed Tumbe released a video message where he is seen expressing regret over the incident and on the Facebook post. He also said the inaction of police led to the riot.

Police Inaction Led To Riots, Says SDPI

He said that the police should have taken action against Naveen, the accused, but they did not until 11.30 pm. He also said that it was apparent as Naveen is the nephew of Pulikeshi Nagar Congress MLA R Akhanda Srinivas Murthy. He further said,

“A group of agitated people who had gathered there was further incensed by the apathy of the police.”

Elyas also defended the actions of the SDPI leader Muzammil Pasha who has been arrested. He said,


“Pasha with the local ulamas is seen beseeching the crowd not to lose their cool as the leaders are in touch with the police to sort out the issue.”

He also further said that the action of their leader Pasha is a cover-up by the intelligence, government, and even the police. He said that the party has always stood for justice and development. He alleged that the party has been unnecessarily dragged in the failures of the government.