Scientists Develop An Air Filter That Can ‘Catch & Kill’ Coronavirus Instantly


A piece of news that is bound to give some relief regarding the COVID-19 outbreak is that scientists have now developed an air filter that can kill the coronavirus instantly.

This catch & kill air filter will be helpful in reducing the risk of transmission of the coronavirus significantly in closed places, especially in officers, schools, and hospitals. This miraculous air filter can also be used to cut the transmission in public transports.


As per reports, a study by the researchers of the University of Houston as published in the journal Materials Today Physics, the air filter can potentially kill 99 percent of all COVID-19 and Sars-Cov-2 particles with a single pass through the filter. The filter is prepared from a commercially sourced nickel which is heated to about 200 degrees Celsius. The filter is also equipped to destroy other bacteria such as Bacillus anthracis which is responsible for causing anthrax.

As per the report by the researchers, the novel coronavirus cannot survive in a temperature above 70 degree Celsius and hence the researchers have constructed the filter has made it much hotter which can instantly kill the virus. The commercially sourced Nickel offered certain requirements which made the researchers opt for it. The nickel used is porous and hence allows the air to pass. It is also electro-conducive which means it can be easily heated.

12 Million COVID-19 Cases In The World

Spain Coronavirus
Courtesy: Anadolu Agency

The number of infections because of the novel coronavirus in the world has crossed the 12 million figure with 12,170,408 cases. The death toll due to the disease is at 552,112 while the recovery is at 7,069,188. There are currently around 4.5 million active cases out of which only 1 percent are critical i.e. 58,276 people.


The United States continues to lead the chart with 3,158,932 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with the deaths of 134,862 patients. The Latin American country Brazil also has over a million cases with 1,716,196 confirmed cases with 68,055 deaths. India occupied the third place as it is about to cross 800,000 confirmed cases in a day or two. The death tally in India is 21,144. A total of 476,554 people have successfully recovered from COVID-19 disease in India.


Source: Republic World