Residents Of Bengaluru Gear Up To Protect & Save Stray Birds From Scorching Heat – Kudos!

residents of bengaluru

Bengaluru is heating up and the citizens are doing their bit to save themselves from the wrath of scorching heat. But apart from humans, birds and animals are also at the receiving end of this summertime heat. Staying under shade and remaining hydrated are just a few of the things that we humans do to keep ourselves cool and happy during hot sunny days. But what about birds?

With fewer trees and water bodies around, they indeed are struggling to survive the onslaught of heat.

residents of bengaluru

Residents Of Bengaluru Are Trying To Help Stray Birds Survive

Come summer and the voiceless birds are left to take care of themselves. There are very little green cover and water bodies in the metropolitan cities. That is why the animals and birds are left dehydrated and become sick due to heat. But there are many citizens of Bengaluru who are well aware of this plight of the birds. They are doing their bit to put water bowls on the sides of the city streets.

Some of them are either working as groups or by themselves. In some pockets of Bengaluru residents in wards are forming groups. These groups ensure that sufficient water is made available to stray animals and birds including donkeys, dogs, and cows in the surroundings.

While discussing this issue, the member of Kumara Park animal aid, Rashmi Bal said, ”Last year, with the help of an NGO, we were able to get 15 bowls for free and place them across the neighborhood. This week, 10 to 15 of us are heading to pottery town to purchase mud bowls. There is a lot of resistance at times as not everyone is interested in replenishing the water bowls. Some don’t want street animals near them.”

Many Citizens Of Bengaluru Regularly Contribute To The Cause

According to Bal, those people who care for the animals and birds make sure that the bowls are cleaned and replenished with fresh water every day. She further added, “Just like us, animals go through dehydration as well. For example, hawks suffer during the summer. Unlike Kempegowda’s or Tipu’s time when this region had several connected water bodies and trees to provide shade, the situation has turned disastrous in the last two decades.  We often get calls of birds that have gotten dizzy and fainted due to lack of water.”

residents of bengaluru

Many residents of Bengaluru keep on doing the task of putting water bowls alongside the streets, in from of their house, or terrace irrespective of whether it is winter, summer or monsoon. One of the residents of Ranka colony in the city has been doing it since 1995. He puts six bowls of water near his home. Even when he is traveling, he makes sure that his housekeeping staff or the members of resident welfare association fill up the bowls with water.   

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