Monsoon Is All Set To Knock The Doors of Bengaluru, Could Arrive Within 2-3 Days

Form a week, Bengaluru has witnessed an overcast condition with very little rain in some areas. According to the sources, Friday rains were not recorded as a monsoon shower, it has not yet arrived in the city. However, it will soon knock the doors within 2-3 days. The temperatures are likely to be around 22-29 or 30 degrees Celsius, with light rains and cloudy sky till June 20th.

Monsoons are around the corner

The Ministry of Earth Sciences of the Government of India or the Indian Meteorological Department officials has stated that the Friday’s rains were not part of the monsoons and the city will have to wait for two more days. They also notified that the monsoon entering the state will be advancing into the state within two days.


IMD noted, “ Southwest Monsoon has further advanced into some parts of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and parts of Northeast India. Conditions are becoming favorable for further advance of Southwest Monsoon into some more parts of central Arabian sea, Karnataka, remaining parts of Tamil Nadu, some more parts of central Bay, North & South Bay and some more parts of northeast India and some parts of north Bengal and Sikkim in 23 days.”

SSM Gavaskar who is a Scientist in Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre said, “ Monsoon entered into Mangaluru and Mysuru on Friday and may take two or three days to advance in Bengaluru.”

Delay in the arrival of Monsoon

The Monsoon has arrived already in Kerela a week before it was scheduled. The cyclone in the Arabian sea had delayed the arrival in the state of Karnataka. While the city is still awaiting monsoon, spells of rain on Friday afternoon cooled down the city while heavy rainfall has been observed in Coastal Karnataka and in few areas in interior parts of Karnataka.


IMD has warned about the rain and thunderstorm to continue till June 18th in Coastal Karnataka, Udupi, Dakshin Kannada, and Uttara Kannada districts. Fishermen are asked to stay away from the sea owing to strong winds with speed 35-45 kmph, has been issued.

Source: BM